My Wife Was Sneaking Out of Bed at Night, and When I Chased Her, My Life Made a 180° Turn

4 months ago

A man, 35, wrote a letter to our editorial, and he told us about a major family problem that he recently faced. His wife of 15 years started to behave very strangely, sneaking out of the bed and the house in the middle of the night. When he decided to chase her to see where she was going and what she was doing, he just couldn’t live peacefully with this truth anymore. The man revealed the details of his family drama, and we can’t but feel for him, as his story turned out to be very frustrating.

The man has experienced some unexplainable issues in his family.

A man named Austin has recently written a letter to our editorial to tell about his very strange family story. He wrote that during many years, he has had a necessity to get up at night to go to the bathroom. He explained that this is how his body has been functioning because of the problems with his bladder.

Austin has a wife, named Laura, to whom he’s been happily married for over 15 years now, and Laura is aware of the fact that Austin has to wake up at night on a daily basis. Everything seemed ordinary, like in any other family, until Austin started noticing weird things. And his bladder was the reason why he ever paid attention to what was happening in the night.

Austin wrote that lately when he got up, he wouldn’t find his wife beside him in their bed. In fact, he couldn’t find her anywhere in the house. The man revealed that at first, he thought that maybe his spouse had some anxiety and was going for a walk occasionally in the night, while her stress became bigger. He sincerely tried to find some explanations for this behavior, and at first he didn’t even ask many questions to Laura.

He wrote, “I thought she didn’t want to talk about her stress, and I was just patiently waiting for her to open up. I was sure that something was wrong, but I didn’t want to be persistent, because Laura has a very secretive personality, and I am used to the fact that if she doesn’t want to discuss something, it’s better to wait until she wants.”

The situation in the family was getting really tense.

Austin continues his story, saying that one night, when it happened again, he finally decided that he should know what was happening. He revealed that Laura would usually be back home from her “night walks” at around 5-6 am, looking exhausted, nervous and sleepy. And when such things started happening too often to be acceptable, he decided to talk to his wife.

But she wouldn’t answer any of his questions. She just said that she was near their house all this time, and she actually didn’t go anywhere. She complained that the air in their room was stifling and at a certain point it was hard for her to breathe, so she just went out to take a gulp of fresh air.

Austin wrote, “I would have believed this if it happened occasionally, and if it wasn’t a cold and windy period of the year, when the air could not be stifling at all, and there was even too ‘fresh’ in our bedroom. Besides, I didn’t hear or know about any medical condition that Laura might have that would result in such symptoms every night. She has never had problems with her breathing, and when I asked her particularly about that, she denied that she needed to go to see a doctor about this.”

The man admitted that things were becoming more and more strange, when, apart from being absent for the most of the nights now, his wife was turning into a cold and reserved woman, rejecting any of his hugs, kisses and other signs of affection.

He wrote, “I started thinking about Laura’s infidelity and oh, man, I wish she’d been just cheating on me, because the real truth was far more painful.”

The truth was revealed very unexpectedly.

Austin goes on with his story, saying that one day, he made a decision to chase his wife in the night to see where she would go and what she would do. He admitted that this was a quite painful decision for him, as he felt like something was wrong in their relationship if he ever thought about this kind of thing like chasing.

But, after all, he had no choice, because she wouldn’t tell him the truth and he wouldn’t just passively watch his wife turning into a completely strange person to him.

So, one night, he heard that Laura was leaving the bed. He waited until she got completely dressed for an outdoors walk, and quickly left the house 2 minutes after she did. He followed her during all her route, and she didn’t even turn her head a single time to see if anyone was following her. This might have been because she was sure that he wouldn’t do this, and this was a habitual thing for her already.

Laura went on foot, and the road that she followed, was very familiar to Austin. In fact, she was slowly approaching the house of his parents, where they had lived together with his elder brother, Mike, his wife Amelia and their two kids, Dana and Ian.

Austin wrote, “I had a mixture of feelings at that moment when I saw Laura was going straight to my family’s house. On the one hand, I felt relieved, on the other hand, I had so many questions on why she visited my parents at night, not during the daytime and why she had been keeping it such a big secret.”

The man was even more shocked when he saw what Laura was actually doing at her in-laws’.

Austin wrote, “I followed her straight to my parents’ door, she didn’t knock or ring, she took her mobile phone and dialed a number. Then my older brother, Mike, silently appeared on the doorstep, took her hand, and they went to the garden that was behind my parents’ house.”

The man was able to hide near enough to listen to what they were talking about. He wrote, “I had been growing up in that house and I knew my parents’ garden as good as my 10 fingers. I used to play hide-and-seek there with my school friends, when I was very young, and later, I dated Laura in that very same garden and even proposed to her on that very same bench where she was now sitting and talking to my brother.”

Austin goes on, saying, that Mike and Laura were discussing a child. In fact, it was Mike’s eldest daughter, Dana. He didn’t understand why his wife would be so interested in talking about Dana at night, but when he listened more, he understood the reason.

It turned out, that Dana was not his niece, but his wife’s daughter. She conceived her with his brother, Mike, and Austin wasn’t aware of this all this time. He did know that Dana was a child of Mike’s previous relationship with some woman, whom he never introduced to the family. And when Dana was born, he got the full custody of her, but he never told any details to the members of his family and never showed any documents to anyone.

No one insisted all this time on finding the details of Mike’s painful relationship, leaving it up to him to keep it a secret. Dana was a nice young lady, Mike and his wife Amelia loved her as much as their younger son, Ian, and there was a total idyll in their family.

Austin talked to his wife in the morning and finally found out even more shocking details about her past and present.

Austin made sure he came back home earlier than Laura, and pretended to be asleep when she came into the room. But she noticed that he had left his clothes just near their entrance door, which wasn’t typical for him, so she asked if he was really sleeping and why his clothes were left there. Austin felt it was a right time to talk and told Laura that he had found out everything, and said he had been following her and heard her talking to Mike.

Laura had no more reason to hide the real truth, so she told Austin that she and Mike had been dating for half a year in the past. Then, she fell pregnant, and thought Mike would be happy to marry her. But he accused her of baby-trapping him, and said that he hadn’t planned to ever marry her, but he really wanted to be a dad to the baby, so he insisted that she gave birth to Dana and then took a full custody of her.

When Austin and Laura started dating, Laura knew that Austin was Mike’s brother, but she sincerely fell in love with Austin and treasured their relationship. Austin had always been questioning why Laura was so reluctant to visit his parents, especially when Mike moved in with them some years ago. But he thought that was just because of the difference in their views of life, and had never insisted that Laura was in close relationship with her in-laws.

Now, Laura wanted to become a parent to Dana and was discussing with Mike the possibility of opening up to the girl. She and Austin never had kids, because Austin couldn’t have them. But Laura felt she still wanted to be a real mother to Dana and was meeting Mike for discussing this with him.

Now, Austin is both disappointed, sad and puzzled. The man really needs advice on how to live further with the knowledge that he now has, and he admitted that his life now is a total mess.

We’d advise Austin to talk to everyone, who’s involved into this dramatic story.

We sincerely feel for Austin, and we can imagine how hard it is for him to get over the things he discovered. But past sometimes shouldn’t be a reason why the present and future get affected.

We’d advise the man to wait until his emotions get stable, and then we think he should sit and talk to Laura again. But this time, the subject of their talk should not be “Who’s guilty?”, but “What to do?”

The spouses might want to take further steps in the process of getting custody over Dana, but they must consider the opinion of Mike, his wife and the girl also. So, it’s really vital for Austin to contact all people who are involved and to try to find the common family solution that wouldn’t hurt anyone’s feelings.

We understand that this solution will take time to find, but finally, the result may be unexpectedly good for everyone, provided that all members of the incident take care of Dana’s feelings in the first place, as she’s a kid and she’s the core of the whole story.

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