A Woman Shared Her Experience of Bleeding Freely at Her Mother-in-Law’s House but Received Mixed Online Reactions

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9 months ago

Free bleeding refers to the practice of not using any means to contain or collect period. Consequently, this can lead to a messy situation, often requiring multiple changes of underwear or clothing throughout the day. Recently, a woman on Reddit shared her story of free bleeding at her MIL’s house, which sparked a big discussion involving both women and men.

I’m currently staying at my mother-in-law’s house with my husband for a family get-together (six birthdays in one week). I have horrifically painful periods and bad mobility. I can not use cups and am allergic to all brands of pads I’ve used. I do have cloth pads, but I only brought a couple of small ones for my trip as I wasn’t due until days after we got home, but we’re on day four of our trip and I started my period on our first night.

I tried to use some disposable pads I picked up, but I broke out in a rash and have blisters everywhere they should not be, so two days ago I decided to free bleed as I do at home. I bring my own towels to my MILs, so I have been sitting and sleeping on those. I have bled through twice but cleaned the mess and left no stain.

My MIL is pissed off, to say the least. She’s disgusted by my lack of decorum and carrying my stained towel around everywhere. She also hates that I’m washing them in her machines and is now saying we need to pay to have them professionally cleaned (which we will do).

Everything kind of came to a head last night when she lost it on me for “behaving like an animal”. She wants me to leave, but my husband stays, which isn’t possible (one car, I can’t drive that far, especially not with the amount of pain I’m in).

Am I in the wrong here? I understand that it’s not super sanitary but my health matters more than some bedsheets. I’ll replace them if she wants.

I’m close to just gritting my teeth through the pain and putting a pad on, but I really don’t want to. I don’t want open sores down there when we’re driving home — sitting for that long will suck. I feel like I’m choosing the lesser of two evils, but now I don’t know.

Apparently, the users on the net have divided in their opinions and the woman received mixed support for what has happened:

  • This is completely unsanitary to do in someone else’s home. You do have options you know can work, including period panties; you should have come prepared. “Free bleeding” in someone else’s home is never an option. The better option would have been to leave, and if your husband needed to leave in order to facilitate that, that’s fine. drdoggiemom / Reddit
  • I sympathize with her... If the author or anyone with the same problem reads this, try pads made from bamboo if you’re allergic to pharmacy pads! I can’t guarantee it works for you of course, but it definitely made a difference for me. question82746 / Reddit
  • The author’s situation is really unfortunate, but she needs to either figure out something as far as period products that will work, or else stay home during her period. tripwire7 / Reddit
  • I have sympathy for you. I think you’re in a terrible situation where your husband won’t leave to drive you home while you sit in pain and discomfort. I don’t blame him for wanting to be able to have a normal life in spite of your period, though. everellie / Reddit
  • Period panties are a thing! Buy them! I have endo and very bad, debilitating periods. Period panties completely changed the game for me and they’re also super cute! If you can handle regular underwear, you can most likely handle period panties. There are tons of options and materials too. Accomplished_Area311 / Reddit
  • Yes, your health matters, no one is saying otherwise. However, “it’s not super sanitary” — correct, blood is a biohazard. And it’s totally reasonable for another person to not be okay with this happening in their home. And, not everyone is as comfortable with blood (even people who have periods). Fairmount1955 / Reddit

How would you rate this situation yourself? By the way, this is not the first time a female user has sparked a discussion about period and pads. Recently, another woman on Reddit shared a story and inquired whether it was typical to leave her sanitary pads in a conspicuous location within a bathroom but in her case she received total online support.

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