My Boyfriend’s Family Refused to Take Me on a Trip, and I Found the Perfect Revenge

6 months ago

Navigating family dynamics, especially when it involves the family of your significant other, can be challenging. It’s common to feel like an outsider despite trying to bond and connect with everyone. This feeling of being on the outside can be quite hurtful and difficult to handle. A Reddit user shared a similar situation.

A woman had a conflict with her mother-in-law.

My boyfriend Nick and I have been dating for 3 years, almost 4 now. Before this incident, I got along great with his family. I was invited to spend holidays with them, and we exchanged gifts on birthdays, so I thought we were pretty close.

Every year, Nick’s family goes on a trip; this summer, the trip was to somewhere I really wanted to go. I asked his mom, who was planning the trip if I could tag along if I paid for myself. She said sorry, no, but this was a family trip, and I wasn’t family yet. I told Nick, and he said no one’s s/o was invited, so I wasn’t the only one being excluded. I was still upset but dropped the subject.

It’s now fall, and the weather is getting cooler. Nick’s family was coming over, so I made my family’s chili recipe to celebrate the cold weather. Nick and his family love my chili, so I ensured they had enough to take home. Before Nick’s mom left, she asked if I could share the recipe with her so she could make it for a work potluck. I told her sorry, but this is a secret family recipe. She asked if we already considered family. I replied according to you, we aren’t. After that, she went, “oh, ok,” and then left.

After everyone was gone, Nick told me I was being cruel. I reminded him that his mother was the one who said I wasn’t family first, and she can’t pick and choose when we are. He said that was a completely different situation, and I was being petty. He left after that and has been cold to me for several days. I don’t see how I’m in the wrong here, it’s ok for his mother to deny me something because we’re not family, but when I do it, I’m wrong?

She shared an update on the situation.

I talked with Nick and his mom. After all, we’ve been through it. Hearing her say I’m not family to my face hurt, I explained how I’d been hurt. And it made me feel even worse when she only considered me a family when she wanted something from me. His mom apologized and said she didn’t mean it would come out that way. She was trying to say the trip is like a reward for marriage or an official welcome gift.

Nick apologized, too, saying he didn’t know what his mom told me. He thought she just told me I couldn’t come and not that she didn’t consider me family. He admitted that seeing his mom sad overrode the rational part of his brain, so he didn’t stop thinking and immediately reacted in anger. Although we talked it out, Nick and his mom are walking on eggshells around me, not sure if this is better than them giving me the cold shoulder, though.

She received a lot of encouragement and support from the Reddit community.

  • “‘I couldn’t imagine being together for 4 years and finding out they don’t see you as family. My husband’s mom welcomed me into theirs the first time I ever met her — 3 months into dating! If she had treated me like this years into being together and my husband was okay with it, I definitely would have rethought my standing, not just in his family’s eyes but his as well. It’s not just about a recipe or a trip, it’s about how they view you.” haillordvecna / Reddit
  • “You’re only in the wrong because they’re hypocrites. With normal people, there would be no problem. I’d ask Nick to explain how it’s a completely different situation. Family trips are for family. You aren’t family (according to her). Family recipes are for the family. She isn’t family (according to her). Make it make sense!” inFinEgan / Reddit
  • “Let’s analyze that last part again. Your BF’s mother told you that you aren’t family, and your BF didn’t object. He didn’t stand up for you. He didn’t stay home in solidarity. This is very revealing. Are you sure you really want to be in a relationship with someone who is apparently quite comfortable with letting you be excluded? I feel you’ve been given important information about this man and his family, and it’s not attractive. If you want to continue with this relationship, I think couples counseling is in order. If he won’t go, go without him and talk this out with a neutral third party.” CPSue / Reddit

Family conflicts are not uncommon. One man didn’t want to go on a trip with his family so much that he opted to change his and his wife’s tickets to a different destination instead.

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