8 People Who Will Now Think Twice Before Inviting Someone to Visit

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3 weeks ago

Welcoming guests into your home can be quite the undertaking, but some individuals take it to the next level by completely disregarding boundaries during their stay, even if they’re family. These encounters can lead to some pretty uncomfortable situations, and almost everyone had to deal with them at some point.

  • A guest came to stay for Thanksgiving, I had warned them we had cats and dogs. They came anyway. They went to unpack in our guest bedroom. Half an hour later the husband came to me and said there was an issue.
    They had stripped the sheets off the beds and scrapped the mattress. Horror of horror, there was cat fur. I immediately said, “Oh my, you can’t stay here, perhaps you should go to a hotel.” They did. As they are relatives, we are civil, but they are not invited to stay anymore. Susan Macuna / Quora
  • When I was married to my 2nd wife, my now ex-mother-in-law would come by the house regularly. Often when she would leave, my then-wife would be very emotionally upset and almost always crying. Her mother would come over and basically, either tell her that she was raising her daughter wrong or would tell her she needed to do this or that with her. It wasn’t that she would on purpose belittle my wife, but it still upset her greatly.
    One day, I had finally had as much of it as I could handle. She had left, and my wife cried for almost 2 days between being mad and her mom making her feel like a bad mother. A few days later, her mother came back to the house. I flat-out told her what was going on, and the fact that I wasn’t going to put up with it any longer. I told the mother-in-law that from that point until I saw a change, she was no longer allowed in the house. Brandon Houck / Quora
  • While I was trying to get ready for my husband's funeral, my stepdaughter-in-law came into my room asking me to give my stepson my husband’s 90k truck which was our business truck. I told her absolutely NOT! She rubbed my shoulders and said, "That’s okay, you will change your mind, you just need time!"
    I told her she would not make my husband’s death about material things, and they would never be handed his truck. I still had a business to run. It was so hurtful, and they thought my husband’s death meant a payday for them. I had already told my stepson it wasn’t happening. Equine Creek / Quora
  • I was in a bad state, depressed, with chronic pain. I could barely walk without help. As a result, I couldn’t do much housework. My “friend” came to visit and gave me a 90-minute lecture on how my pain can’t be that bad, how I’m just lazy and making excuses. Once he was done with his rant, he left. I’ll never let him in my house again. AnSplanc / Reddit
  • My parents bought a horse and horse trailer from my aunt and uncle. We fixed the horse trailer and had the horse for roughly 4 years. Kept him healthy and fed. I rode him quite a bit as I was in 4H at the time and did western-style riding.
    Then one day I get home from school and the horse and horse trailer are gone. Because we didn't have a bill of sale, they came and took both, and sold them the next day. 3colt3 / Reddit
  • Had a birthday party at my house and invited my wife’s family and mine. We have a pool and one of the rules is no running around near the pool. Well, my wife’s oldest brother (49 years old at the time) continued to run and chase his kids into the pool. If there were just a few of us, that wouldn’t be a problem, but we had about 25 people around and in the pool.
    Later he was running and slipped and fell. He fell pretty hard but continued with the party. About 3 weeks later, he hired a lawyer and sued me for his fall. He waited this long as he knew my cameras only held about 2 weeks of video before they were overwritten. He told me he sustained a major injury, this brother has sued people for multiple car wrecks he has been in.
    Well, he won, out of pocket I was not impacted immediately but my homeowner's insurance paid out around $160k to him. During the same time, my homeowner's insurance went up by $2000 per year. So here we are 16 years later, and I am still paying for that extra $2000 per year. Pánfilo Guerrero / Quora
  • I have 4 brothers and the third one, as an adult, would come for visits. With every visit, something would disappear from my home. Usually, they were small things like a DVD or a screwdriver or a couple of dollars left out.
    This went on for years before I realized the disappearances happened only when he visited. I started to go out to meet him outside, and we visited on the porch. He stopped coming over when he asked why we didn't go inside, so I told him. Christmas Carol / Quora
  • My aunt hates animals, and she opened the door and said, "Go doggy," and let my dog out! He ran away, and I searched for him for hours!
    When I found him, you could tell he was lost and scared. He was running down the main road, and I was going down a side street when I saw him. I yelled his name and he turned his head, saw me, and sprinted at me. He was so happy to have found me! Tyisha Carty / Quora

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