15+ People That Know Exactly How to Make Employees’ Days Fun

2 years ago

People who work in the service industry often see very different people: some of them are kind and polite, and others become the main characters of stories and jokes that are told to friends and shared on the internet.

We at Bright Side have read the stories of people that work with the public and have chosen the most interesting stories to share with you.

  • My boss: “The client is funny. He sent us a list of fixes that has only one “to do.”
    Me: “But it says, “Fix everything.” © Demonology / Twitter
  • I waitressed in high school. A guy came in to eat with his family (a little girl and his pregnant wife). The wife went to the bathroom and the guy asked for the check, and on the check, he wrote his phone number in the tip area, along with “call me baby.” I ran his card, waited until his wife came back, and brought over the guy’s card and his receipt. I handed the receipt to the pregnant woman and told her something was wrong with the tip. © kill4sleep / Reddit

"Even the register is scared."

  • A client ordered a logo a very long time ago and he disappeared off my radar for many years. Since then, I have gotten married, divorced, had 3 surgeries, and one day he just picks up the years-old conversation, without even saying hello. All he said was, “Let’s move this word a bit lower.” © Gosha Bondarev / Twitter
  • I fix devices in a store.
    Client: "This thing wouldn’t turn on! I bought it a month ago and now it doesn’t work!
    Me: "It’s just the battery! Change the battery or use the adapter and you’ll be fine!
    Client: “Hey, young man, don’t tell me what to do. I’ve spent a lot of time getting here and you are being rude!”
    I couldn’t hold it and smiled. Yes, this is me being the nasty person that forced her to travel all the way here, instead of paying attention to the low battery signal on the screen of her device.
    © TrupDenazawra / Pikabu
  • I used to work part-time at a butcher shop. A woman would come in every Saturday and demand 30 chicken drumsticks. Seems simple enough, right? No. She demanded they weigh exactly a certain weight. She’d be there for like half an hour waiting, watching the poor cashier trying to find larger and smaller drumsticks to equal exactly to the nearest kilogram. All that for $7 in the register. I’m so, so glad I no longer have to see her face since I quit. © Sketchetic / Reddit

"Our most important customer"

  • I work in a bank as a loan officer. A guy with his wife comes in today, all nervous. They came up to me and the guy, pointing at me, says to his wife, “This is my mistress! This is where I bring the money every month.” It turned out that the man decided to surprise his wife and pay off the mortgage before summer, so for the past 3 months, he’s been paying bigger amounts. His wife noticed a lack of money and thought he was having an affair. © Argyntina19 / Pikabu
  • I work in the head office at a big supermarket chain. I’m responsible for equipment and I often get emails with complaints. One of the recent ones: a woman was going to sue a supermarket because a different customer bumped their cart into her. The point of the lawsuit: there were no signs about the speed limit of the carts." © Overheard / vk

"These customers are not very nice people."

  • I work at a car wash and drivers have to make an appointment before coming in. Very often, the clients save our phone number using my name and then their furious wives call us asking what kind of relationship I’m having with their husbands. © Overheard / vk
  • A girl came in to pick out a prom dress and she chose the most pompous one: with lace and even feathers. While I was wrapping it, she asked, “Can you tear all these feathers off and put them a different bag?” We did it all, she paid, and left. We were so shocked that we even forgot to ask her why she needed all this. © tttt4uu / Pikabu
  • I worked at a shop that sold ice cream cakes. A woman came in with half a cake, we thought it would have been melted: her son had a piece yesterday and got sick. She passes me the cake and tells me to check and see who made it, so we can call it in. I open up the case, look at it, and it took every bit of control I could muster to not laugh in front of the customer. The cake was a Valentine’s Day cake, and it was September. My manager had to explain to the woman that half-eaten ice cream cakes don’t hold for 6 months, but the woman kept insisting that we test it. © Romiress / Reddit

"Gus being a handsome shopper"

  • I worked as a server at an organic restaurant. We were known for being vegan-friendly and wheat-free. One day a man and his family came in for dinner. He came up to the counter to order and he told me he had a few allergies. I asked him what he was allergic to. “You might want to grab a pen,” was his response. This man was allergic to 11 major food groupings including, all peanuts, tree nuts, and pine nuts, all shellfish and seafood, dairy, lentils, peas, and wheat. The story ends as the customer orders and eats steak and cooked quinoa. I stood within arm’s reach of the phone his entire stay, just in case I had to call emergency services. © swansandelephants / Reddit

What interesting situations have you seen in stores? Tell us in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit kill4sleep / Reddit


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Okay, the person who disappeared without a word about the logo and came back after those years... insane!!!


I can´t begin to imagine the kind of thing the car washer receptionist must have heard ???


Sorry but I'm the kind of customer from "Fix everything" list lol


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