I Banned My MIL From Our House After Overhearing What She Told My Husband

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4 months ago

We might believe our relationship with our in-laws is as smooth as it can be until one small moment turns everything upside down. This is exactly what happened to our reader Angie, who accidentally overheard her mother-in-law saying something unimaginable behind her back. Angie made the decision to ban her from the house from that day on, and she reached out to us for advice.

This is Angie’s letter.

ROFLMAO A 29 year old man??? Does he still wear a diaper? MIL must be out of her MIND to run interference like that for a grown man. Surely she had met him before. What is missing here?


Thanks for reaching out, Angie! Here are some tips we believe can help you in navigating this sensitive situation.

Have a direct conversation.

Schedule a private conversation with your mother-in-law to address her comments directly. Approach the conversation calmly and respectfully, expressing how her remarks made you feel. Let her know that while you value her opinion, you have the right to dress as you please in your own home. Encourage open dialogue and try to understand her perspective as well.

Set clear boundaries.

Communicate with your husband about setting clear boundaries with his mother regarding comments about your appearance or behavior. Make it clear that such remarks are unacceptable and will not be tolerated in your home.

Encourage your husband to support you in enforcing these boundaries and to communicate them to his mother if necessary.

Lead by example.

Show your confidence and self-assurance through your actions and demeanor. Continue to dress comfortably and confidently in your own home, regardless of any judgmental comments.

Demonstrating your self-assurance may help shift perceptions and reinforce the message that you will not be controlled or shamed for your choices.

Seek support.

If the situation persists or becomes more challenging to manage, consider seeking support from a therapist or counselor.

A professional can help you navigate complex family dynamics, set healthy boundaries, and develop coping strategies for dealing with difficult conversations or interactions.

Sally, another Bright Side reader, is finding it hard to get along with her mother-in-law after discovering that she’s been using her spare key to the house to snoop through her personal belongings and make changes without permission. Read her story here.

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