My Mom Left Me Because of My Disability, Years Later I Met Her and Revenge Was Sweet

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Our reader, Eve, has penned us a heartfelt letter and told us her story that could make even a stone cry. She is a 30-year-old woman with disability, who's been abandoned by her mother when she was 10 years old. During all these, Eve has been waiting for her mother to come back, crying her eyes out because of such a cruel betrayal from the person she loved most of all. And when the moment of their meeting has finally come, the young woman taught her mom a lesson in life that she would probably never be able to forget.

Eve was betrayed by her own mother.

Eve wanted to hear our readers' opinions about whether she acted in a right way when her mom, who abandoned her in the worst times of her life, suddenly showed up 20 years later. Eve confessed that she has mixed feelings about how her meeting with her mother turned out, and wants other people to read her story and give her some advice.

The woman opened her emotional letter, saying, "My life has never been very kind to me. When I was 10 years old, I was abandoned by my mother, a person whom I dearly loved and sincerely admired. She broke up with my bio dad when I was 1 year old and I never met him in my life. He left because of my diagnosis, the doctors said that I would likely spend all my life in a wheelchair, and he simply ran away from all responsibilities.
My mom was left alone with me, and she went through so many challenges while raising me. Then she met my stepdad, Owen, who was an extremely kind and loving person. After they got married, Owen surrounded us both with such an immense care and love that we could only dream of. Everything was just perfect, up until one day, when my mom decided that she didn't want me and him in her life anymore."

Eve survived only because of the love of her stepdad Owen.

Eve shared, "My mom disappeared one day. That day I was in a rehab center with Owen and when we came back home, mom was gone and her things were missing. The only thing she left was a short note, where she wrote, 'I can't bear it anymore. You're a burden that took away my best years.'
I cried for months, I seriously blamed myself of being the reason why mom had been unhappy. I thought my life was over, I was depressed, and it seemed like nothing could help me."

"But there was one person who managed to save me, and that was my stepdad, Owen. He helped me to find the reason to live and fight. He was there for me every single minute after mom abandoned us. I saw that it was so hard for him to cope with it, but he never showed me his weaknesses, always staying strong and positive, even in the darkest times that we both had to go through.
Owen talked to me a lot, he explained so many things to me, and he always treated me like a princess. And he was the person who inspired me for a crucial step that changed my life forever."

Eve reached the top of success in her career regardless of her condition.

Eve shared, "I'm a very successful lawyer now, and I work for a huge company. I have a top position there, and I earn a decent sum, which allows me to live the life I have been only dreaming of. And I have this all because Owen was the one who believed in me and helped me move forward with my education and career.
When I was at school, I had a difficult relationship with some of my classmates. They would tease me and what was especially cruel that they would often make painful remarks about how my parents abandoned me."

"Owen was always very protective of me, and one day he said that I must learn how to fight for my rights and protect myself from any harmful things with the help of law. And this was my strongest motivation to start my career as a lawyer.
Since my childhood I had a dream that one day I would become the person who will advocate for people with disabilities, help them win in this life and be their counselor in their troubles. I pursued my dream and graduated from one of the top universities specializing in law, and my career went to the top very quickly."

Eve’s mom showed up when the woman was living her best life.

Eve shared, "One day, my mother showed up out of nowhere, after 20 years of being away from me and Owen. She simply came to my house, knocked on the door and asked me to give her a chance and to listen. To my surprise, I didn't feel anything when I saw her on my doorstep, though I instantly recognized who she was.
She came in and instantly started speaking. She boldly stated that she abandoned me because Owen was showing a nasty behavior towards her, she said he cheated on her multiple times, which wasn't true, and I was sure she was lying. But she insisted that Owen's infidelity was the cause of her stress and her decision to give up on her family."

"Then, she complained to me that she was broken and had no money and nowhere to live. She boldly stated that I owe her some financial support, because she did take care of me until I was 10. I was shocked and disgusted to hear that from the woman who abandoned me and then showed up when I achieved some success in life. I asked her to sit down for a while, and left the room. I got to my home office, opened my safe where I had some cash, and got back to her.
I gave her this money and said, 'Here's $10,000, and this is the money that I owe you. Each year that you were my mom, cost $1,000, this is how much I can pay you for your job as a caregiver. I know that this may not be the sum that you expected to earn for your service, but I also had some expectations that you never met. Being your daughter, your flesh and blood, I always expected that you would be my mother, that you would be there for me and that you would love me and take care of me. You didn't meet my requirements, and you got fired when I was 10. Everything's now in order, you received your salary, and you must leave this place and forget about my existence for the time being.'"

Eve shared, "She was dumbfounded, and she couldn't say a word. She tried to squeeze a tear out of herself, but she failed, she couldn't cry. She left, and I instantly felt broken. I knew that I did the right thing, because I didn't feel like I owe her anything.
But, at the same time, Owen said that I was being too cruel with my mother and that he didn't expect this from me. What would you do if you were in my shoes?"

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