I Immediately Dumped My Boyfriend After He Left My Closet Door Open

4 months ago

A woman has taken to Reddit to tell her quite whimsical story. She mentioned that her boyfriend got furious when she broke up with him because of a trifle, as he thought. He just left the closet door open, and he thought it was absolutely unfair on her end to end their relationship because of it. But in her post, the woman gave her reasoning for it, and many people agreed with her decision after reading her story.

The woman came to Reddit to tell her extraordinary story.

A woman, 24, wrote on one of the subreddits and asked people for their opinions. She said that her ex posted on another subreddit with the title «Am I wrong for not wanting to close my girlfriend’s closet» and she just wanted a place to respond.

She said that her now ex-boyfriend, 23, and she, were together for 2 years, would’ve been 3 years next month. They met through a mutual friend (her roommate at the time) because of their similar interests.

She goes on, saying, «I’ve lived in my apartment for about 4 years, the mutual friend stayed in the beginning, but they moved 3 years ago, so since then I’ve been living on my own. I was originally going to have my bf move in with me once my lease ended, but of course, change of plans.»

The woman’s ex didn’t mention the details of her “open door fear.”

The woman goes on, saying, «So my ex posted on another subreddit for leaving my closet door open, yet he missed very important details. One question that kept appearing was why didn’t I close the door, even though I never leave it open.»

The woman explained, «Ever since I was little, I’ve trained my brain to always make sure the closet door was closed. I’ll add a TW here just in case, but when I was 6, I was sharing a room with my older sister, one night she went over her friend’s house for a sleepover. My parents and I got home a bit late. I remember it being hot since we had the ac on. I went to bed but was tossing and turning because it was really hot. I kept hearing a noise from somewhere, but wasn’t sure from where, and just assumed it was the ac.»

She continues her story, saying, «I laid on my back just staring at the roof and heard my closet door being open. My bed was faced towards the closet, so when I moved my head down, I could see this old man coming out of it. I screamed, and my parents came running in. My dad grabbed me and I saw my mom hitting that man with one of her favorite pans. We called the police and later found out that the man was homeless, must’ve snuck in while we were away and hid in my closet when he heard my parents’ car come in.»

The OP had a real trauma after what had happened to her.

The woman wrote, «Since then I’ve suffered from PTSD in fear of someone coming in my closet again. I slept with my parents for a few years after that. We moved to another state once I hit high school. Parents got me a therapist when the incident occurred and to this day, I’m still going to therapy.»

But she still has this fear, up to this day, and she believes it shouldn’t have been ignored.

She revealed, «I felt like it wasn’t working tho because it is just like I was venting, and the therapist would go „uh huh, and how does that make you feel?“ Instead of suggesting something to help me. That was until my current therapist, she suggested that I could use something like a nightlight and place it by the closet, then I asked if I use something else like something that could stick onto the walls.»

She explained what worked out for her, saying, «It was first these big glow in the dark Dino stickers. I felt kinda silly about it first when I did put it up but when I had my sleep paralysis, I was still scared but was now able to tell what was sleep and what wasn’t and gave me a sense of comfort. I changed the themes occasionally to dinos, planets, and now stars. For the past 7 years, it’s worked for me.»

But her boyfriend totally ignored her fear.

The woman explained that her relationship with her boyfriend was really good, but he did a very cruel thing to her. He was totally aware that keeping the closet door never opened at night wasn’t her pure whim, but he didn’t believe her.

She wrote, «On the night before we broke up: when he decided to „test me“, I had the worst hallucinations since I was a teenager. I wake up, see the door open, and start to imagine the man I saw all those years ago. When I woke the next day it was around 4 am, I was able to move and started to cry immediately to a point where I couldn’t shred any more tears and apart from the migraine from crying too hard, I felt a numbness.»

He was deaf to all her fears and tears, and she wrote, «So when he woke up a few hours late I waited for him in the kitchen just honestly feeling tired, I didn’t yell just spoke in a monotone voice. I told him how I had one rule and that was to close the door, he got defensive, saying he felt like I was lying about my trauma just to see if he would care for me. I told him to leave while I thought things over. I never ignored him, and he never texted me the whole week.»

She doesn’t regret her decision now, saying, «But now I know for sure that there’s no saving this relationship. And you can get your stuff from your brother, I already told him what you did. So good luck. I’ll be moving in with my sister out of town, I’m not renewing my lease, I just want to be with people who actually support me.»

People of Reddit expressed their opinion on the woman’s actions.

Reddit users come to comments to support the woman and to even share their own stories.

One person shared, «I’ve had very similar experiences as you. Sleep paralysis much of my life, mostly from teens and onwards, I’m 40 now. But very scary 25 years ago, when it was really not a thing that was ever talked about. I hadn’t heard of it until about 10 years ago, and just thought it was something I dealt with.
But I have had similar experiences, specifically with the lucid dreaming, as well as it not being a big deal at all when it happens now.»

Another person added, «Dude. A similar thing happened to me when I was a kid. Instead of in my closet (I can’t even BEGIN to imagine how terrifying THAT horror film of a situation was). It was a naked homeless man outside my window.
It was bedtime, my curtains were open. He was just there, outside in the dark. Then he tried to come in our house. To this DAY, I make sure all my curtains are shut when I go to bed.»

And another user wrote, «Enjoy your life without that person in it! You deserve so much better than that, my ex helped me put my glow in the dark stars on my ceiling when I realized I needed them. I hope you meet someone who is understanding and helpful to you, rather than tries to trigger you out of spite.»

And here’s a story of a woman, whose life was also changed by a little insignificant (at first sight) thing, a tampon. She found it in her husband’s car, and the whole drama ensued after.


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