I Threw Away My Wife’s Camera Because She Uses Our Child for Likes on Social Media

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In the world of social media, where sharing every moment seems like the norm, our reader’s wife has taken things to a new level. Vlogging became an integral part of her routine, especially after their daughter’s arrival. Things escalated when Chris insisted on documenting their daughter’s bath time.

One of our readers left us a message.

Thank you for trusting us with your problem. We have some tips for you that might help you out in this situation.

Set boundaries.

Talk to your wife and let her know that you’re uncomfortable when she films your life. Discuss what she can film and what is off-limits for vlogging. Agree on specific types of content or events that are suitable for sharing.

Make sure your conversation with Chris is calm and open. Open up about your worries and concerns. Let her know that your daughter might accidentally get unwanted attention from wrong people. Besides, constant vlogging is very exploitative and harmful.

Spend quality time together.

Chris might be going through some things and vlogging is what helps her to cope with them. She might be seeking support, attention, and validation from strangers on the Internet. Perhaps you don’t spend much time together and your wife feels lonely and bored, especially if she’s the one who takes care of the child.

Spend some time together, go out and have fun. No doubt, it’s not always possible considering you have a small kid at home. In any case, at least try to make small surprises for your wife like flowers, a cup of coffee in the morning or a nice talk in the evening. The little things matter.

Apologize to your wife.

Your feelings are understandable, but you still acted quite impulsively. Apologize to your wife for throwing away her camera. There might have been some things that were saved for a family photo album, and now the memories are destroyed. Besides, your wife might have put a lot of work in her videos, and it could have been better to just hide the camera and return it to Chris after your discussion.

Have a few digital detox days.

Have some days where both of you disconnect from online activities. This can help your wife focus on the present moment and create a healthier balance between the online and real world. You can also share responsibilities related to childcare and household chores. This way you’ll give Chris more time and energy for offline activities.

For most people, having kids is a blessing. Some are happy even if they can’t provide for the family financially. One of our readers has a sister who loves kids so much, even poverty doesn’t stop her. Find out the details of the story here.

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