20+ Parents Who Know That Life With Kids Is Full of Surprises

Being a parent is not just about taking cute photos of the baby and watching them sleep. It also means being ready for anything at any moment. Seeing that they drew on your things, broke your devices, or got slime in their hair — it’s impossible to predict where children’s imaginations will take us next.

“Got my toddler new shoes over the weekend. He just threw one of them into the fireplace.”

Never buy shoes for your kid if he hates them, take him with you so he can pick them out himself, what a monster


“Okay, watch, I’ll let her know.”

“My son decided that taking the labels off everything was a great idea.”

This makes one hour that they’ve been looking for their car keys that their kid buried in the sand.

“My daughter just said, ‘Here, Papa’ and put these in my pocket. I have no idea which piece of cheap furniture is now dangerously unstable.”

These are fixing elements used in furniture.

“I turned my back for one second, and my son decided to make an omelette.”

Moms can get so tired that they don’t even notice little things.

When your baby is a future artist:

“The aftermath of my daughter and her Barbies after using my tub tonight”

“Heard my fiancé’s son say, ‘Uh Oh’ while he was playing with the cat.”

“Here’s what happened to the 65-inch OLED that I just bought last April after 4 months of saving.”

“She’s 2 weeks old, and she’s already judging me.”

“My 2-year-old son made a puzzle.”

“My daughter found glitter.”

YOU are responsible for WHERE you put the glitter! She should not have had access to it at all


“At 22 years old, being otherwise healthy and active, I got a herniated disc and 3 more bulging discs just from putting my daughter down into her crib.”

“Stepped out to put the roast in the oven. Came back and my 2-year-old handed me this. Should not have left my purse in the living room.”

“My 3-year-old son found my wallet when I was cooking during arts and crafts time.”

It's not as bad as you think it is, you can easily take it to the bank and get replacement money


“My friend was sleeping, and her son found her hair dye. She was shocked when she saw this.”

“My toddler dropped a dirty cat toy in my coffee and now both are ruined.”

“I spent 45 minutes scrubbing.”

“Didn’t notice the cardboard book thrown inside my toddler’s laundry basket and created paper mâché inside my washing machine.”

“My 2-year-old got into the pancake mix while I was in the shower.”

“2-year-old art on my wife’s best shoes.”

“My son put his toy ball into an empty water jug, and now I can’t get it out.”

“My 3-year-old decided to put lipstick on everywhere except for her lips.”


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