14 Deceitful People Who Are Always Ready to Take Advantage of You With an Innocent Face

2 years ago

We meet other people every day: communicate with them at work or during transport. Unfortunately, sometimes we happen upon people with ulterior motives who try to take advantage of any situation while being pretty arrogant about it. But they do it with an innocent face as if it’s totally okay.

At Bright Side, we think that we should respect each other so that the situations described in this article never happen to us.

  • I ran into my elderly neighbor near the entrance to our building. She asked me to look at what was wrong with her computer — she couldn’t open any websites. So I went and saw that the icon showed no signal... to my Wi-Fi. 3 days earlier, I had replaced my router and changed the password. I recalled that 8 years earlier, she couldn’t get in touch with her son in China and asked me to help her because she didn’t have internet. I installed Skype for her, got connected via my router, and forgot to disconnect it. So I told her that she had been using my internet all this time.
    — What should I do now?
    — Get your own internet. It’s about $4 a month. I think you can probably handle that.
    And she replied:
    — Make it the way it used to be. You have internet. Why don’t you share?
    Of course, I said no to her. Of course, I didn’t hear any thanks from her for using my internet for 8 years. Of course, she doesn’t say hello to me anymore. Of course, I continue to trust people. © AntSilveR / Pikabu
  • I was getting tired of working one part-time and 2 casual jobs so I took advice from a friend of mine to interview to be a caretaker for her friend’s kids. I would work 40 to 48 hours a week. I had to take the children somewhere exciting every day. I was supposed to clean, go shopping, and prepare food for her kids throughout the day and dinner for them at least twice a week. After the interview, I went home only to realize in all that chaos, I never asked about how much I would be paid. So, I messaged her. She replied, “How does $11.00, sound?” I was excited, even though the job seemed like a lot of hard work and paid a little less than my other jobs, I’d be getting way more hours! So I accepted. Later, we were talking about what day I would start, and then she said, “Starting off we agreed on 1,100 per month. If, after a month, you are doing a good job we can change it to 1,200.” I message her immediately, “You messaged that I would be making $11.00 per hour?” (She never said hour but like $11 for anything other than an hour didn’t make sense.) She replied, “That’s ridiculous! That’s more than I pay at daycare! I never said that.” Then I sent her a screenshot with the message mentioning “$11.00 per.”
    Her: Oops... I must have got the punctuation wrong. I meant 1,100 per...
    Me: Why didn’t you clarify it was per month?
    Her: You didn’t ask. © flamingdepression / Reddit
  • I was planning to get on a bus, and a woman asked me to pay for her trip with my card because she ran out of money on her card. I paid, and was waiting for cash from her: the same thing used to happen to me before, and I always paid the person back with cash immediately. But this lady just passed by me and didn’t even thank me. I was stunned by her arrogance and told her, “How about paying for your trip?” And she said, “I have only large bills.” © Ziba Babayeva / Facebook
  • Standing in a long line at the supermarket, a woman began demanding that, “there needs to be another cashier!” On cue, a person stocking the shelves was pressed into cashing out customers. Half the line shifted to the new register, but the demanding woman was out of position to lead the shift. She immediately strode to the front of the new line (ahead of me, as I had been in the pole position in the new line). She loudly declared, "Nuh-uh!! This is me!“(Claiming what she felt was her rightful place at the front of the line). © Monterino Bonjevalien / Quora
  • I was working at an ice cream store and this couple came in. They were clearly having a date night and were dressed up nicely. They ordered their ice cream and I was the person who helped them. The man paid. About 10 minutes later the woman approached me and said, “I wasn’t given the flavor that I ordered so I want a scoop of it.”
    I got immediately confused because I clearly remembered what she had ordered and I definitely knew I’d scooped the right thing. Also, her cup was completely empty, she’d eaten it all.
    But I said, “I’m sorry about that, I’d be happy to sell you another scoop of ice cream.”
    She said, “No, I don’t want to buy it, I didn’t get what I ordered so you should give me a scoop for free.”
    When she finally saw I wasn’t budging she shrugged and went back to the booth where her date was sitting, watching the entire thing. © flapjaack / Reddit
  • I hate when someone wastes my time. I was standing in line at the immigration department. I took a place behind a girl. A guy was standing behind me, and 2 other girls were behind him. When my turn was coming, those 2 girls approached the girl before me and began asking her, “Do you mind if we go before you? We just need to get our papers stamped.” She didn’t mind, of course. But I was really outraged by their arrogance: they jumped in front of 3 people and didn’t ask their permission. So, I said that I did mind. They began to make excuses, “No time, work is waiting, children haven’t been fed yet, the hamster of their husband/friend/brother is giving birth. And actually, we’ve always had our papers stamped without waiting.” I replied, “Then why did you get in line in the first place? I don’t have time either. Did I take a non-paid day-off to spend it on you?” Well, my demand wasn’t heard, and no one from the line supported me, despite the fact that I was standing up for them too. Eventually, they entered together with the girl who was standing before me. They indeed didn’t spend much time there. And it would have been okay, if they didn’t say, “That’s it! There’s no need to shout. This is not the way men should behave.” Girls, people who don’t know you, owe you nothing. We are all equal in line. Everyone has their own circumstances and tragedies. I can understand anything but not this. © Sheeby / Pikabu
  • A young lady came into my tailor shop, and she brought 3 pairs of trousers to get hemmed. I told her the price. She agreed. She went into the fitting room and tried them on. And then the circus began. She said to my seamstress, “It’s too expensive!” So the seamstress asked me what to do. I told the client, “Since it is too expensive, you can go to another shop.” And I began to take out the pins and straighten the pants. She began to scream that I was shameless. It turned out that she wanted to get her pants hemmed in a kiosk, but it was cold in there because it was wintertime. While my place was warm and cozy, and she had a rug under her feet, but it was expensive. Eventually, I sent her back to the kiosk. © Ludmila Popova / Facebook
  • I was giving away a purebred kitten for free, through an ad on a website. About 2 hours after I posted the ad, I received a call. A woman immediately asked me if I could bring the kitten to her home myself since she didn’t have a car. I agreed, although there were just 5-6 bus stops between us. But, I thought, “Okay, we need to do good.” I said that I’d be there in an hour. I had to do some errands first, and then arrived at her address and dialed her number. But she didn’t answer. 15 minutes passed, I started to get nervous and called back again. This time she picked up:
    — Have you arrived yet?
    — Yes, I’m near your house, can you come out and get the kitten.
    — Oh, well, I’m not there now. But you can drive up to pick me up at this address.
    She gave me another address, practically in the very center of the city, and at this point, I was on the outskirts.
    — Sorry, but I’ve already done you a favor and brought you the kitten for free.
    — But I’m not there now. Is it difficult for you, or what? You have a car!
    I hung up the phone so I didn’t say anything I would feel sorry for. I was left wondering what it was about her? Arrogance? Or was it some sort of stupidity? © aleksey77700 / Pikabu
  • A guy messaged me about aquarium plants I’m selling. He came by my house and said he had a big pond he was trying to fill with plants. So I was like, “Yeah, man, no worries. I’ll give you more than I normally would to help you out.” So I gave him, what I would normally sell for about $40 for $5. I had a lot of them so it wasn’t a huge loss. Then he said,
    — Okay, how about I give you $10 for double that?
    — I gave you substantially more than I normally would. I’m okay with giving you this for $5 but I can’t give you double for $10.
    — But you said that’s $5 worth. So double is $10.
    — No, I said this is like $40 or $50 worth, but I’m doing you a favor.
    — But that’s not nearly enough. I’m trying to fill a pond. © amicoolyet111 / Reddit
  • I stood in line at the cashier, buried in my phone. Suddenly someone began to push me from behind. I turned around, and there was an old man. I moved a little away from him, but he pushed me again. I placed my cart in front of him and stood aside. Right before the register, he somehow snuck from the other side of my cart and began to lay out his purchases in front of me. I said, “Man, don’t be so arrogant, I’m standing in front of you.” And he sarcastically replied, “I didn’t notice.” © lerahalera / AdMe
  • In the early 2000s when one of my nephews was about 14, as most youngsters do, he was looking forward to Christmas. He was pleased with all his gifts except one. It came from a pretty wealthy uncle and aunt. They gave him a bobble head dog intended as a car ornament, and it had seen better days. It showed at least a few years of wear and tear if not possibly many years. I think we were all pretty disgusted even though we tried not to show it. If it had been brand new, it might just have passed the muster as a jokey kind of a gift for a kid who was old enough to drive but not the state this thing was in, and not for a kid in his early teens. That wasn’t the end of the story though. It happened that a local radio station was running a competition on Christmas Day asking people to tell them about the worst Christmas gift they had received that year. His entry won by a landslide. His bobble head dog turned into a brand new X-box, which was what every 14-year-old boy was lusting for back in those days. Being no more diplomatic than most boys of his age, he couldn’t wait to phone his uncle and aunt to tell them the news. To top the story off, they believed that they had some claim to his X-box since they were the ones who gave him the gift in the first place. © Mickie Southam / Quora
  • My uncle needed roof work and wanted it on the cheap. Somehow he found a recently unemployed roofer and struck a deal with a cut in cost if my uncle acted as a helper. So, on the first day, my uncle bought the materials, set the roofer up, and assisted said roofer in popping a few chalk lines and laying the first few courses of shingles. It went pretty well, though hard under the hot Oklahoma sun. All this time, my uncle was praising the man for his knowledge and skill. The man said he was grateful for the work. And then my uncle fired him. The man thought he was joking, but no, my uncle told him he’d seen enough and could finish it himself. © Jack Cummings / Quora
  • Once there was a family of 4 who left a restaurant during a busy evening and we realized that the bill hadn’t been paid after around 10 minutes had passed. I checked the cameras and saw the father taking the bill, putting the money in, sitting there for just 3-4 minutes, looking around, taking the money back, and leaving with the whole family! Lucky, our owner was a great guy and told me to simply ban the guy and his family. And to my surprise, that man came back with friends on a busy evening after a couple of months! I was very excited watching him be embarrassed in front of his friends and the other customers sitting outside when I told him that he was banned and when his wife started to get upset I told them I remembered them. I told them the whole story with me checking the cameras and seeing him taking the money back and all! © YuriyArlyuss / Reddit
  • We live on the ground floor. Every spring and fall, we clean the area under our windows. I mean all apartments do it, each under their own windows. We prune the bushes and rake the leaves and debris. And one day, after cleaning, a neighbor came up to me and asked with a sweet voice, “Why haven’t you cleaned under my windows?” Well, okay, this old lady was about 60. But she had a son — a big guy, his wife, and her grandson. I hinted that they could do it. Her reply made me think about the meaning of life for about 10 minutes, “They work a lot, and get tired.” I love people. © OmegaArt / Pikabu

Have you ever come across such arrogant and deceitful people? Or maybe some of your friends have told you a story like this? Share it in the comments below.

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