I Was Followed By a Stalker, but This One Piece of Online Advice Saved Me

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8 months ago

In an ideal world, women would walk confidently in public spaces without constantly scanning for potential threats. But stark realities prevail: statistics reveal that approximately 65% of women in the US have faced street harassment, with 20% reporting being followed. Despite this troubling scenario, many women courageously share their safety tips to protect others from similar perils.

One woman was able to rely on someone else’s experience upon realizing she was being followed, and by sharing her story, we hope to prepare as many women as possible for a similar situation if it ever occurs.

Internet advice that saved her just in time.

A Reddit user managed to evade a potential stalker thanks to advice found in various comments on this very issue. At the time, she was finishing her shopping trip at a mall with her husband, who waited in their car while she needed to use the restroom.

Upon entering the restroom, she noticed a man inside who turned toward her as she passed. Suddenly, a recent post about a woman being followed flashed in her mind: A top comment warned never to enter a public restroom if followed. She exited the restroom and returned to the main shopping area, yet the man lingered nearby.

Recalling another piece of advice: “If you sense you’re being followed, just turn calmly and go into a store that the suspected person would not typically have interest in.” Her instinct took over as she spotted a dollhouse store and made her way inside. The man followed her in and continued to keep an eye on her.

Fear escalated at this point. She rushed outside with the man shadowing her steps and maintaining a close distance. She then grabbed her phone, dialed her husband, and loudly said, “I’m being followed by the man behind me.” Reacting promptly, her husband hurried to her aid, causing the man following her to leave immediately. The danger was averted.

Other women shared their own experiences.

The post gained much attention as many women shared their stories, offering safety strategies to help others know what to do in dangerous situations.

Sharing a bit of advice with others costs nothing; instead, it may change somebody’s life. A man who grew up without his dad knows this very well, and now he’s offering fatherly guidance to many kids who need a role model.


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