15 Stories That Can Make Even a Rock Shed a Tear

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Love can beat Alzheimer’s, even in the last round. Kindness has the power to overthrow the kingdom of evilness. And miracles, well, they can thwart all rainy days away. It’s up to us to decide whether we’ll keep believing in ourselves.

We at Bright Side are not big crybabies, but these stories left us no choice. At least you have time to prepare yourself.

1. “My fiancée was 4 months pregnant when we met. His real daddy has made no attempt to meet his son, but it’s okay. I want the job.”

2. “First and last day of first grade — she survived cancer!”

3. “My mom found a note my dad wrote before Alzheimer’s took his ability to communicate.”

4. Children never cease to amaze us.

5. A random 1-2 a.m. “family camping trip” — they didn’t want to scare their daughter with news of a tornado nearby.

6. “My cat died 6 months ago. In the middle of moving right now, I found one of his whiskers on the ground — he’s still here.”

7. Grandparents deserve all our love!

8. “Stillbirth, miscarriage, miscarriage, stillbirth, miscarriage, miracle”

9. Don’t let the looks fool you.

10. “My mom died on Christmas Day. She was the cook in the family. This is the first holiday meal my dad and I made without her.”

11. Do good and good will find you.

12. “My stepdad passed away a few days ago. My mom received this blanket in the mail today addressed to him.”

13. The best shields for monsters hiding under the bed

14. “I am Venezuelan and food is expensive, but thanks to 2 Redditors, I could buy this food for my home.”

15. Kids need us more than we think.

Do you know stories that will make us tear up? Share them with us in the comments.

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