15 People Who Were Born to Shine a Ray of Positivity on This World

3 years ago

Rescuing an animal and bringing it to the vet, cleaning the trash in your neighborhood on your day off, and making people laugh are just a few ways we can make the world a better place. No matter how small an act of kindness may be, it has the power to bring a big smile to all our faces and probably make someone’s day.

We know how important it is to be a good example while inspiring other people to do more good, and this is why Bright Side has gathered some mood-lifters specially curated for you.

1. “Rescued an iguana that was stuck in my neighbor’s fence and caught a duckling that had a hurt leg and brought it to a rescue. All in a day’s work.”

2. “My 5-year-old niece stopped her mom from stepping on a little spider and took it outside on her hand instead.”

3. “A bird is currently building a nest in my parents’ shed, so my dad is keeping the door open for the entire summer.”

4. “Decided to spend my lunch break cleaning up my community and bringing back the #trashtag challenge!”

5. “A couple blocked my view so I made the best of it and shared the pictures with them.”

6. “Made some tiny framed photos to class up my cat Pixie’s eating spot.”

7. “Finally caught me a husband!”

8. “I told my sister if she graduated with honors, I’d wear a matching dress to her graduation.”

“She said the thought of seeing me in a dress was her motivation when she wanted to quit. Worth it to me.”

9. “This kitten followed me home and broke into my house. I wasn’t even mad and decided to keep her.”

“I named her Shadow because she always sneaks up on people.”

10. “My best bud and I cleaned up a ton of trash today on our day off.”

11. “It’s the little things.”

The note reads: “Bird nest in mailbox. Please place mail in basket.”

12. “I texted this person at an ungodly hour.”


14. “My elderly neighbor has severe depression and will stay in bed for days. I take Petunia over when I know she’s in a slump and that always seems to cheer her up.”

15. “My husband grew up without a dad. My dad is taking him on his first father-son campout today.”

When was the last time you helped someone? What’s the most unexpected, positive thing someone did for you that instantly made you smile and that you’ll never forget?

Preview photo credit SeriouslyQuirky / Reddit


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