17 Totally Irritating Things That Will Make You Gasp in Despair

2 years ago

There are things about modern life that generally annoy most people who are out and about every day. Some of them are people who take up 2 parking spaces, those who throw trash out their car window, and so many others. Then there are the little things that might not happen every single day, but when they do, they can really set us off. And we are betting that one of these things has happened to you at some point.

Bright Side is aware that sometimes life serves us with a bitter cup of tea and no matter how hard it is to sip it, we just have to power through it.

1. “The toilet paper at a $30,000,000,000 company”

2. “My first day as a delivery guy at Domino’s”

3. “Before you ask, it’s a jackfruit.”

4. “Just wanted a croissant.”

5. “Finally got a prize from the claw game... at least I thought I did.”

6. “I appreciate your late night attempt to clean, random party guest, but wooden cutting boards DO NOT go in the dishwasher.”

No matter how precisely cut, washing it by hand took less time than cutting it


7. “I just spilled a full cup of orange juice all over myself on the last day of vacation. And I didn’t bring an extra pair of pants.”

8. “Accidentally ran my favorite necklace through the washing machine.”

9. “Was waiting for a new tree, but got more sidewalk instead.”

10. “My sister is borrowing my car and pissed someone off because she kept parking in the handicapped parking space.”

“So they keyed my car in retaliation.”

11. “This $10 salad I paid for at a restaurant.”

12. “Found some graffiti on my fence this morning. Just finished putting it up a couple weeks ago.”

13. “Get away from me you creep.”

14. “Having to clean this up after a movie”

15. “How they cut the cake at my aunt’s birthday.”

16. “I was mowing the lawn and found some money.”

17. “Faceplanted onto asphalt yesterday. Literally my nightmare.”

Has anything from the things shown above happened to you and, if so, how did you react at the moment?


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