18 Eccentric Finds That Made Us Feel Like We Were in a Surreal Film

2 years ago

When our eyes witness an unexpected situation or a never-before-seen object, our soul gets a spark of intense delight. This is because once we allow ourselves to be amazed by the magical side of things, the universe won’t hesitate to bless us with some jaw-dropping wonders. And these will feed our imagination and add a much-needed refreshing, colorful twist to our days.

Bright Side believes that we need to explore the wonderous side of life more often. We will share with you some extraordinary sights that will make you go through all kinds of curious emotions.

1. Sporty heels

2. A piece in the puzzle shaped like the whole burger

3. ’’This snow walrus greeted me on my walk.’’

4. ’’My local thrift store has a Keanu Reeves shrine.’’

5. ’’I was hiking and found this along the trail.’’

6. ’’I removed a ceiling tile and found these 2 pendants.’’

7. ’’My tangerine had segments in 2 shades of orange.’’

8. ’’My hotel jacuzzi tub fills up from the ceiling.’’

9. ’’I drove by a helicopter wrapped in plastic.’’

10. ’’I got 2 bills that are one number off from 2 different places.’’

11. ’’A lady in line behind me had a baby kangaroo in her cart.’’

12. ’’I came across some chickens today.’’

13. ’’So I found this safe in my basement.’’

14. ’’A deer-shaped icicle I found after a snowstorm in January’’

15. ’’Just cut into a pepper and saw this.’’

16. ’’My dad uses a pasta sauce lid as a lens cap for his camera.’’

17. ’’My lemon tree gives us pepper-shaped lemons.’’

18. A standing urinal for women

Do you often come across these types of one-of-a-kind finds? What is a surreal sight that left you totally speechless?

Preview photo credit Mimilegend/Reddit


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