15+ Astonishing Photos That Show the Connection Between Science and Everyday Life

2 years ago

Perhaps, as teenagers, each of us was lazily turning the pages of our chemistry, physics, or biology books thinking, “Why would I need this subject in my life? I am not going to become a scientist after all.” But the connection between these interesting sciences and everyday life is actually there and we can be sure of that once again thanks to these finds from internet users.

We at Bright Side tip our hats to the curious people who’ve managed to notice unusual things and phenomena. We are also delighted when we listen to others clearly explain why these things happened.

“My daughter’s Tigger has distinct bright and dark stripes in normal light, but is entirely pale white in night vision.”

“The stripes disappear only in infrared radiation. ”

Water froze in my fire-pit cover and made this wreath!

The level of the snowflakes in this sealed decoration is shaped like a cone, right-side-up vs upside down.

“Turns out, bricks don’t crack like this because the building is old.”

This is what happens when you park atop Mt. Washington.

Mt. Washington is famous for its fast-changing weather and has long held the record for the maximum wind speed. (A note from Bright Side)

Here is what happens when wood is burnt with high voltage:

“My glass measuring cup melted in the microwave.”

This 100-year-old perfume bottle glows under blacklight.

“The gap in my bedroom window became a pinhole camera.”

  • So basically, the small hole is letting in light from the outside. But since light bounced off a surface and then into a hole, the image is upside down. The same thing happens to humans with our eyes but our brain flips the image so that it is right-side up. © broken_banana_24 / Reddit

“My brand new, never used glue stick had crystals of some kind growing on it.”

Apparently, you can’t mix Coke Zero and Fanta

  • It’s all about different densities. Fanta uses high fructose corn syrup and coke zero uses alternative sweetener. Fanta is denser. © stooph14 / Reddit

“Both of my lights burnt out — one turned white while the other turned black.”

  • In the whiter lightbulb, the filament likely overheated and broke, the resulting spark probably caused some phosphorus or calcium in the base of the bulb to deposit on the glass. The darker bulb, it’s likely that there is a break in the bulb somewhere which allowed air to get inside, and as a consequence, the filament actually ignited. The dark material is carbon residue from the spontaneous ignition. © cyranix / Reddit

“My girlfriend dropped her phone and the magnet on her case picked up some iron from the sand.”

This laminated paper sign has turned into a bag full of water.

  • It’s because after laminating, they went ahead and poked holes in it. The lamination doesn’t soak into the paper or anything. © amalgam_reynolds / Reddit

“I stood for a while and watched as the sun rose and the shadows moved around, with the frost shapes gradually disappearing.”

“Left tomatoes on the counter for several weeks to see what happens.”

This is called vivipary: seeds start to develop before they detach from the parent plant. (A note from Bright Side)

Which unusual theories have you managed to check with your own experience?

Preview photo credit FailingKomet / Reddit


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