20+ Designer Mistakes That Leave Us Completely Baffled

2 years ago

As they say, only those who don’t try anything new don’t make any mistakes. But at times, it seems that some highly “creative” people took it too far. Or maybe they simply couldn’t care less about their job.

Bright Side found some of these extremely talented people that prove tomorrow is really the only day with no mistakes in it yet.

1. “I followed this bus for 4 blocks to wait for it to pull over to share this beautiful work of art.”

2. “Life’s too short for boring pants.”

3. “This CLOSED sign sends mixed messages.”

4. “This angled mirror is a pain to use.”

5. “It made you look. Mission accomplished.”

6. “Big steps in a toilet cubicle in a mall — safe to say I fell as I was walking to the door after turning to flush.”

7. “Choose your path wisely.”

8. “The snowflake wasn’t used to replace a letter on any other shirts.”

9. “This chair at the doctor’s office”

10. “A white mouse necklace”

11. “SpongeBob, are you okay, dude?”

12. “Tiny door and balcony”

13. “A new carrier in my city has STOP buttons like this. When I want to put my elbow down, I click the button.”

14. “This is probably breaking some rules.”

15. “Nothing lines up.”

16. Happy together

17. “I have to look at this every day at work.”

18. “A shower I saw while house hunting”

19. “Baaaart!”

20. “An air dryer was installed just above the light switch. When I’m closing the store, I keep accidentally activating it.”

21. “A tissue dispenser at our animal shelter”

22. “Saw this at work.”

23. “Teeth belong on your chin, apparently.”

No doubt there are many more products of such creative minds to add to our collection. Have you happened to see any of them? Please share your stories and photos with us.

Preview photo credit ohyeesh / reddit


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