18 Pics to Prove That Nature Still Has Cards Up Its Sleeve

2 years ago

While we take our appearance for granted, there are people and animals who had an extra sprinkle of nature’s creativity. Adorable babies with 12 fingers, purrr-fect cats with extra paws, and other unique occurrences can knock everyone down with a feather.

We at Bright Side can’t take our eyes off these 18 pictures that seem out of this world.

1. The adopted cat has 2 sets of ears.

2. “I have a pear-shaped pupil!”

3. A boy has 2 additional fingers and 2 additional toes, but other than that, he’s no different from any other kids.

4. This zebra has a polka-dotted baby

5. This beautiful girl has a rare uncombable hair syndrome.

6. It’s impossible not to fall in love with these eyes.

7. A woman with the longest eyelashes — they’re so long, she is tucking them behind her ears.

8. “My cat has one eye and this is how she peeks around corners.”

9. “Just wanted to showcase my anisocoria! My pupils are different sizes and switch often.”

10. “I have a genetic carpenter’s thumb that allows my thumb to bend backward as well as forward.”

11. “I’m convinced he only sits like this to show his huge feet to the world.”

12. We bet this person hasn’t lost a single thumb war.

13. How can someone say “no” to these eyes?

14. A tortoise with 6 legs, 2 upper body parts, and 2 heads

15. “A 4-week-old papillon has a heart-shaped marking.”

16. “My fingers are naturally curved and I cannot put them straight or flat.”

17. A baby with 6 fingers — their parents surely have a unique child.

18. Half of her body is covered in white patches, and we can’t take our eyes off her.

Have you ever seen something unusual created by nature? What do you think is the biggest masterpiece from the natural world?

Preview photo credit EAST NEWS, EAST NEWS


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