19 Things That Happened By Accident and Became One-of-a-Kind

2 years ago

Many cool things that are part of our everyday lives, like Coca-Cola and chocolate chips cookies, were invented by accident. Maybe we’ve all created a piece of beautiful art by randomly spilling coffee. Or when our quick food plating ended up with a surprisingly eye-catching design. Some even see these coincidences as a special sign of good luck that the Universe is sending them.

Bright Side appreciates things that cross the limits of the ordinary. We want to share some photos that happened by chance but that produced an outcome that left everyone surprised.

1. This is the reflection of our door’s colorful glass.

2. “Spilled my coffee and accidentally made art.”

3. Frost masterpiece

4. Egg guy for breakfast, anyone?

5. “This morning’s coffee looked like a surprised bear.”

6. “The guy at Wal-Mart looked at me like I was weird for taking a picture of my paint before he could mix it. I thought it was awesome.”

7. “I was scraping loose paint today and made an elephant silhouette by accident. Gave it eyes and a mouth.”

8. “The art I just made vacuuming.”

9. “Dryer tube fireplace, my wife took this pic!”

10. “I dyed Easter eggs today and messed up on one. Turns out it kind of looks like the universe.”

11. “Spilled a bit of coffee. Came back later to see it was looking at me.”

12. “I made a swan by accident today.”

13. “I did some light painting in a train tunnel but it came out a bit Batman.”

14. “I must have upset the table when I spilled water onto it.”

15. “I accidentally dropped M&Ms into water.”

16. “I plated our dinner and accidentally made spaghetti faces.”

17. “My daughter dumped out her acrylics in the sink.”

18. Hello Mister, do I know you?

19. "Accidentally created life.’’

Have you encountered this kind of cool coincidence often? Do you believe they happen by pure chance only?

Got some cool photos or stories and want to be featured on Bright Side? Send them all right HERE and right now. Meanwhile, we’re waiting!

Preview photo credit mrjobby/Reddit


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