15 Pairs of Celebrities Who Donned the Same Dresses but Styled Them Differently

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11 months ago

One of the main fears of all famous people is to appear in public in an outfit that someone had already worn before them. Of course, stylists do their best to avoid these situations, however, they still do happen. Nevertheless, appearing in the same type of garments is not a reason to get upset.

We at Bright Side believe that the same dress can be styled absolutely differently. That’s exactly what the characters of our compilation did: each of them brought a bit of novelty into their look. Angelina Jolie and Jane Fonda showed that one can look stunning in a designer outfit both at the age of 38 and at the age of 76.

1. Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer

2. Blake Lively and Jennifer Hudson

3. Julianne Moore and Mariah Carey

4. Angelina Jolie and Jane Fonda

5. Jessica Simpson and Reese Witherspoon

6. Drew Barrymore and Uzo Aduba

7. Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian

8. Dua Lipa and Gigi Hadid

9. Selena Gomez and Monica Bellucci

10. Blake Lively and Jennifer Love Hewitt

11. Demi Lovato and Whoopi Goldberg

12. Jennifer Aniston and Mariah Carey

13. Naomi Campbell and Jennifer Hudson

14. Lily Collins and Priyanka Chopra

15. Rihanna and Katy Perry

Which of these outfits did you like the most?

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Angelina Jolie’s children with Brad Pitt are growing up, each carving their own unique path, reflecting the diverse heritage and talents of their parents.


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