15+ Situations in Movies That Never Happen in Real Life

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In movies and TV shows, characters live ideal lives: they always look good, they never sneeze or hiccup, and even office workers are perfectly dressed. And if a female character suddenly finds herself stranded in the Amazon jungle, you can be sure that everyday issues like menstruation won’t bother her.

  • That makes me so angry — “I’m running late” and grabs a slice of toast or chugs half a glass of orange juice, leaves the table of lovely bacon and eggs and pancakes, and bolts out the door. Wake up at a reasonable time and enjoy some food with your family. © JugV2 / Reddit
  • Adventure movies when they find some sort of secret map and just hop on a plane and go to the most remote places. Where did they get the money? How did they get there that easily? How did they get time off? © EntertainerOk9552 / Reddit
  • A female character spends weeks in a forest or on an island, and she never ever has to worry about her period during this time, which is a relief since she doesn’t have any feminine hygiene products available. It’s really considerate of the plot to plan around her cycle. © Unknown author / Reddit

Female characters run around in bikinis and have swimming competitions in low-cut outfits. It’s hard to imagine a less suitable clothing choice if they were to start their periods at that time.

  • Getting up in the middle of the night to have a sandwich and nice heart-to-heart conversation with another family member who has gotten up at the same time in the middle of the night to have a sandwich. You are both wearing robes and slippers. There is a large ham in the fridge. © liamlunchtray / Reddit
  • Accidentally agree to go on 2 dates at the same time and have to sneak between them both. © SomethingPretty88 / Reddit
  • People spending weeks stranded in the woods, but somehow still being able to shave. © RenaKunisaki / Reddit
  • Anytime a gang of bad guys descends on their target, suddenly they forget they’re in a gang and they fight the dude one at a time. So annoying. © YoureNotSpeshul / Reddit
  • Turning on the TV just in time to hear a news anchor explain something crucial. © Quiet_Masterpiece_60 / Reddit
  • I love Friends, but the fact that they always got together before work was insane to me. I can barely drag myself out of bed in time to get to work, let alone have breakfast at my friend’s place. © racer_24_4evr / Reddit
  • Characters that are supposed to be working class, but they’re either wearing high-end designer clothes or never wear the same outfit twice. Also, no one ever coughs or sneezes randomly. Whenever someone coughs, it’s usually followed up by extreme illnesses or impending death. © mymommademewritethis / Reddit
  • Driving to any destination in a city and immediately finding a parking spot right in front of the building you need to be at. © GreyThumper / Reddit
  • Being able to wake up, go jog for an hour, come back home, shower, and then make a full breakfast for your kids (bacon, eggs, toast) as they grab it to go and run out the door to school. You then slowly drive to work, stopping at the local coffee shop to grab a cup. They then walk into the office at 8 in the morning. © htaq2001 / Reddit
  • People go into the bathroom and splash water on their face. Who does that?? This is done regularly as a “I need to recover from trauma/stress” thing. I have never done this in my life, I have never known anyone who’s done it. Women wearing makeup would never do it. © dogbolter4 / Reddit
  • Buying only one brown paper bag full of food at the grocery store with a baguette sticking out of the top. © 314CookieCutter / Reddit
  • Teenagers dressed up for school... Reality is pajama pants, crocs (or slides with socks), and a hoodie. Blanket on too, if it’s cold. © rockstoneshellbone / Reddit
  • Hopping in a taxi and yelling, “FOLLOW THAT CAR!” I mean, I want to have an occasion to do it so badly, but it never comes. © Infinity9999x / Reddit
  • Perfect dialogue. No tripping over words, no ums or uhs. Sometimes they add these things for comedic effect, but for the most part, it’s a perfect conversation between 2 people since they’re simply reciting memorized lines from a script. © Werldly / Reddit
  • Women sleeping the whole night in their bras. I feel like this is one of the first things that comes off. © zazzlekdazzle / Reddit
  • People not being tired after working 8+ hours and being up for whatever adventure is available with bedtime never being an issue for the day ahead. © picnic-boy / Reddit
  • You give someone a wrapped present. It’s in a box with a lid, and you’ve wrapped the box and the lid separately. When they open the gift, all they have to do is lift the top off of the box. No wrapping paper is torn, no mess, no difficulty opening anything, no need to clean anything up. © Realistic-Comb-1604 / Reddit

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These comments are so very accurate 😂. They had me giggling to myself.


Do ALL Americans put their groceries in brown paper bags without handles? How impractical! Especially if you have to open the car boot... unless it's specifically comedic?


This really gets me!... Half a dozen baddies with machine guns can't hit the hero with a single bullet, but with only a single pistol, they take out every baddie one by one.


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