18 Types of People We’re Better Off Keeping Our Distance From

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3 years ago

We all know that humans are social beings who need communication. That’s why throughout our lives, we try to find people close to us in spirit and proudly call them “friends.” But sometimes, it just so happens that our friends are actually not exactly who they pretended to be — and other times, we ourselves understand that we were mistaken about this so-called “friendship.”

We at Bright Side are all for peace, love, friendship, and humor, which is why we decided to show, in the form of sarcastic comics, the types of people who are hard to maintain friendships with. We hope you’ll smile together with us and look through all the pics in the article.

They always choose the best moment for a call.

They share in your joy.

They can’t stand formalities.

They’re the best at being compassionate.

They raise your self-esteem.

They’re happy to help whenever possible.

They do everything correctly (unlike you).

They know better than you where to find a soulmate.

They appreciate your work and time.

They never ever boast.

They have outstanding knowledge of the world.

They can always lift your mood.

They’re always standing by your side.

They’re the thriftiest person in the world.

They repeat the same mistakes, over and over again.

They consider themselves a remarkable psychologist.

They have highly developed empathy.

They always make their host feel good.

Are there people that look like the types of friends in our article in your social circle? How do you manage to get along with them?


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