15+ Comics That Show How Modern Life Is Different From How Our Parents Lived

3 years ago

The gap between generations have always been there. But nowadays the world is changing so quickly, that our lives are completely different from what our parents had. Everything, from relationships to life goals, seems to be head over heels, but there’s at least one thing that will always remain the same, the love for family.

We at Bright Side invite you to have a look at witty changes that made modern life nothing like our parents would imagine.

1. The difficult choice our parents had, became even more complex.

2. Family photos have changed drastically.

3. And the source of unlimited knowledge has changed too.

4. Gladly, the beginning of a relationship involves less awkwardness.

5. But birthday celebrations aren’t as fun as our parents used to have.

6. The definition of a perfect partner isn’t the same.

7. The current amount of options makes it only more difficult to choose.

8. But seems like pizza is our number one priority.

9. Sometimes we envy how well our parents were dealing with responsibilities.

10. And parents envy us, because of technologies that they didn’t have before.

11. Each generation has it’s secrets.

12. And the secret of a happy relationship has changed too.

13. Our parents were lucky their phones weren’t so vulnerable.

14. They also surely had better gardening skills.

15. But look at how little we need on our tables now.

16. On the other hand, modern workout can’t exist without selfies and status updates.

Bonus: But some things never change!

In what way your life differs from your parent’s life? What do you think are the best changes?


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I will never understand the second picture.. sure I have a dog too, but there's a difference between a family with kids and calling your dogs kids.. I guess everyone has their own opinion 😂


I think google has really helped many people raising their kids 😊😁


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