23 Hilarious Reactions to a Pregnancy Announcement Caught On Camera

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4 years ago

The day you get to announce the pregnancy is always very special, and some people have found very funny and creative ways to deliver this awesome news to their loved ones.

The reactions from different family members are sometimes so hilarious that we at Bright Side couldn't wait to share them with you. Let’s have a look at some of them.

1. That magic moment...

...when you find that a new life is growing.

2. Daddy’s reaction is hilarious.

YAY! Enough said.

3. He just found out that he's going to be a grandpa.

The reaction from grandparents is always so precious.

4. It does indeed.

The evidence will arrive shortly.

5. Ice Ice BABY!!!

Maybe even invite Vanilla Ice for the baby shower.

6. Some family members just cannot take the news...

...when they suddenly get the eviction notice.

7. And then...

...you find out that soon, you won’t be the only child.

8. Later, you think more about the coming changes...

...and realize that being a big brother (or sister), might be not so scary after all.

9. You get another title.

We think everyone agrees that big brother sounds way cooler than junior.

10. Then you start realizing this could be a good thing.

You can start building your own crew.

12. Being the middle child is a totally different story.

You feel that life will never be the same.

12. Somehow being in the middle is never as cool as being oldest or youngest.

But there's always hope that with time you won’t be the only middle child.

13. No matter what, it's great news.

Mom and dad are over the moon.

14. The whole family is thrilled.

We're going to have to buy a bigger tent soon.

15. Teamwork is…

...when everyone has a task.

16. Even the furry family members start getting ready.

Bigger pack = stronger pack.

17. Everyone will be busy.

New duties have to be learned.

18. Everybody takes their role very seriously.

They're already discussing who will do the first turn of guard dog duty.

19. But we have to warn you...

...some things just cannot be shared.

20. Yay yay woof woof

I'm getting a human.

21. And somebody's getting a training buddy.

That’s where future champions begin.

22. There can never be too many shoes.

Even when they're all different sizes.

23. One more thing - just wait a bit, mommy

You'll get your time, just wait for me to come into this world.

It's such a miracle when you know that new life is growing inside of you. How did you feel when you found that your family would soon get bigger? Tell us about it in the comments and share your special moment.


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