22 Unlucky People Hoping This Day Will Never Happen Again

4 years ago

The characters of our compilation would be happy to start this day all over again in order not to get spaghetti in their shoes, find a burnt electrical meter, or have their birthday balloons stuck in a tree. Now all they have left to do is to look at their situation and laugh. After all, it could have happened to anyone.

Bright Side offers you a look at other people’s failures so you can avoid similar situations in the future.

22. It just hurts to look at this photo:

21. Sugar-coated hot dogs anyone?

20. “We decided to have some trees removed because it looked like they might fall on our house.”

19. This photo may actually cause a lot of pain.

18. It’s awesome when you have your own personal screen onboard, but it’s not awesome when the person in front of you forgets about it.

17. A perfect end to the night shift:

16. “I asked for a window seat.”

15. “My son tried to get his ball down from the roof with his shoe.”

14. “I was just trying to make some popcorn...”

13. This is what an electrical meter looks like after it gets hit by lightning.

12. A perfect end to a day that was full of failures:

11. “My daughter doesn’t realize it, but my wife bought her birthday balloons.”

10. “Never tell me the odds of hitting a moose on a highway in Canada.”

9. “I wanted a cake that looked like my cat...”

8. “I just wanted to sip some cold water.”

7. That was 20 new windshields.

6. Unsuccessful day at work:

5. I paid actual money for this map.

4. “My friend dropped his new TV set.”

3. When you started the day on the wrong foot and fed the birds from the wrong hand:

2. “The best anti-stress activity in the world didn’t work for me because the bubbles were connected and, therefore, didn’t explode.”

1. To everyone who’s had a hard day — keep your head up!

How is your day going? Please tell us about it in the comments!

Preview photo credit markySWAG / reddit, vsyako.net


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