20 Kids That Prove You Can Be Creative and Naughty at the Same Time

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2 years ago

Children get to know their environment, relate to the things that surround them, and acquire experiences that will remain engraved in their minds. But most of the time, while doing this, they also play pranks on people and destroy 1 or 2 things that are in their way. In fact, they move through the world with surprising impunity. But we all know having children at home also means having a great deal of laughter since they do things that can be quite unexpected.

People who live with children see their games as comical playfulness, and they thought it’d be nice to share their experiences with the world. We went through the pics they shared and Bright Side put together the best ones to create a compilation for you.

1. “My kid torturing our robot mop is how the robot revolution starts.”

2. You must love your pet too much to do this.

3. “I canceled a call mid-presentation because my 9-year-old told me the water was running all over her bathroom floor...”

4. “My son teased his sister and she threw a Switch controller at my parents’ 75-inch TV.”

5. Things kids do...

6. “My 3-year-old nephew just barged into the living room and yelled, ’Grandma, I made the bath look beautiful!’”

7. “A bowl of cereal? I better get each kind. 7 different kinds of cereal.”

8. Where did she get so many eyes, hopefully not from stuffed animals...

9. “At age 9, my little sister decapitated her earbuds to create AirPods.”

10. “UPDATE: my daughter’s hide and seek spots are...improving?”

11. “My daughter insists on taking a framed photo every time we go away to a hotel, and it amuses me deeply.”

12. “This is why my daughter gets one specific chair to eat in. Can you tell which one? LOL!”

13. “Why sleep like this? They literally have endless rooms to sleep in, endless beds. SO WHY? MAKE IT MAKE SENSE!”

14. “A 7-year-old asked me if she could go splash in the puddles in the rain and did this instead.”

15. “8-year-old: ’They’ll be all right, they’re still wrapped!’ They were in there when we arrived, the forbidden sweets.”

16. “The kids think there’s more pizza if I cut it this way.”

17. “I told my son to watch for the paint can while getting out of the van. He knocked it with his feet.”

18. “I said, ’You can pick one toy,’ and she chose a mango.”

19. “Walked into my backyard to find that my 10-year-old brother played with one of my old archery sets.”

20. “My son said he was hot and wanted ice cream. This is not what I expected.”

What is the craziest, most senseless thing you did as a child? What stories from your childhood would you like to live again?

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Preview photo credit candiedloveapple / Reddit


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hahahaha number 1 is so funny! These kids are very creative!!


omg that last one 😂😂 that's... well it's one way to cool down I guess


I swear 9 is the sort of thing you think back about when you are younger and think to yourself "why?"


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