20+ Culinary Fails That Would Make the World’s Best Chefs Shed a Tear

4 years ago

Occasionally, we’ve all wanted to pump up our culinary skills and impress guests with our cooking talents. But we really should admit that not every person is capable of doing this. The characters in our article, for example, have done something hilariously wrong in the process of creating their masterpieces, despite how hard they tried. The good thing is that we now have another reason to smile when looking at various doughnuts, cakes, and even salads that didn’t turn out the way they were originally planned.

We at Bright Side hope that your cooking endeavors will never be failures — if they are, feel free to share them with us. Perhaps they’ll boost the mood in our next article.

“My girlfriend spent $100 to get me a White Claw cake for my birthday. She was less than pleased with the result.”

This rainbow cake doesn’t look rainbowish at all.

I am an artist, I see it this way.

Almost 100% the same!

Both cakes have unicorns on them!

How much patience does this person have?

It feels as if these red velvet cookies with cream cheese filling are praying for salvation.

Beware of deer

A Christmas tree that turned into Jabba the Hutt

“I did my best.”

When the deer is a little bit sick:

It doesn’t look perfect, but we’re sure it’s tasty.

When a party cheese platter doesn’t quite fit the party vibe:

The Dashing Groom is not that dashing anymore.

“Tried a mirror glaze.”

Don’t you feel that these snowmen now look a little angry?

Life is hard, even on Stitch.

“My friend tried to make macarons and ended up with... this.”

Are those really nachos?

“Saw these croissant dragons on Reddit a while back and thought I would give it a go.”

“My sister attempted to make a red velvet Christmas tree cake...”

“The cake my wife and I expected (without flowers) vs What showed up on our wedding day”

When you planned to cook Keto mozzarella sticks, but something went wrong:

KitKat pizza in the commercial vs In reality

Before the corporate party and after

Do you like cooking new things? When was the last time you did it? Please show us your masterpieces (even if they failed) in the comments!

Preview photo credit mrobry / pikabu


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