17 People Whose Day Held an Unexpected Surprise for Them

2 years ago

People upload pictures on social media every single day — sometimes multiple photos at a time. On Facebook alone, there are more than 300 million uploads every day. On Instagram, more than 40 billion pictures have been uploaded since the platform’s creation in 2010. So naturally, we get to see many things on social media that we would never see otherwise in our day-to-day lives.

Bright Side searched the web and found 17 wonderful pictures that show how lucky some people can get out of the blue.

1. “I found a red onion that was actually red, not purple.”

2. “Was feeling a little down until I ran into the GOAT of all bikers.”

3. “Received a 3D printout of my brain after volunteering many hours in an FMRI study.”

4. “Ordered 5 plates online. They came in 5 giant packages.”

5. “Today I had black ice cream and it was delicious.”

6. “After 21 years of daily use, my iPod finally bit the dust today.”

7. “Spotted a cool house!”

8. “The original pride flag and the sewing machine it was sewn on.”

9. “My tomato is trying to turn back into a whole plant.”

10. “A horseshoe that was discovered in the middle of a log.”

11. “A giant pretzel with different toppings”

12. “The lamppost at this house in my neighborhood has a real flame.”

13. “There’s a goose that nested right by my office, and her babies hatched today.”

14. “This rock I found that is shaped like a shark”

15. “This Oreo that was stamped with a random piece of equipment.”

16. “This extra wide piece of asparagus from my garden.”

17. “The largest lobster claw I have ever seen for sale.”

Have you ever discovered something that made your eyes open wider and made you want to share it with other people?


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