19 People Shared Stories About Their Shoes That We Won’t Forget Any Time Soon

3 years ago

All of us have different attitudes toward our shoes and sandals. Some of us collect them and learn more and more about different kinds of footwear, while others wear the same pairs of shoes for decades.

We at Bright Side love going to stores from time to time and buying something new. That’s why we understand how many people from this compilation feel and commiserate with the girl in the bonus section of the article.

“Here are my wedding shoes and my cute purse together!”

“I bought autumn shoes but they tore really fast. The thread is only on the sole.”

“Needed some shoes to match my cat.”

“My daughter drew these!”

“I was presented 40-year-old shoes from a local factory. I’m not going to wear them, but I’ll keep them as a souvenir!”

Even the coolest sneakers can end up like this...

“When I was 9, my dad said no when I begged for a version of these shoes at a store once. Now I’m a grown man and my dad can’t say anything about it!”

“I wanted to show off the new shoes I got! They’re so cute and I love the knitted strawberries.”

“I walked through high school, college, and grad school in the slippers to the left, and now I’ll get to walk into my new job in the new year with the slippers I was gifted on the right!”

“One of my kiddos has recently gotten into fancy shoelacing techniques.”

“Does anyone else tie towels around their shoes to make mopping booties?”

“I love the new Star Wars shoes!”

“Anyone else’s birdies like to cuddle up in shoes or are mine just plain weird?”

“A Christmas present from my wife: my first cycling shoes and pedals! 2 rides in and loving it, can’t go back now.”

“The Grinch Nikes under my LED lights”

“Ending the year with an updated pic of my entire collection, 16 years in the game”

“She said yes!”

“When he gets you new Jordans for Christmas but you’re too pregnant to tie them yourself”

“These shoes were so nice that I bought them twice!”

Bonus: when you wanted to look cool but made a mistake

I put on new open-toed shoes to work. Yes, they were a bit uncomfortable but I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. My husband opened my eyes. He laughed. A lot.

I only looked at them from the top and thought they were the same. The only thing that was weird was the sound of the heels. One of them was loud and the other wasn’t. So, always check what you’re buying. © Gertrude / pikabu

Do you often go to shoe stores? Do you manage to find quality shoes and sneakers?

Preview photo credit Gertrude / pikabu


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I don't normally go shoe shopping but the last pair of Nike's I bought are really good quilety!


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