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2 years ago

We strongly dislike reading all the long manuals and instructions that seem to make things harder. It’s much easier to ask other people for advice. Among Internet users, there are a lot of experienced people that can quickly explain what to do and how to do it. They may even share some smart tricks.

We at Bright Side have prepared some very useful tips that can make house chores easier and help you solve small but very annoying problems.

Cleaning and laundry

  • I used to really hate the oil drops that would fall around the stove. They’re really hard to clean. I’ve tried everything: soda, special detergents, and others — and they weren’t very effective. Yes, I know you should just wash them right after cooking but I often forgot because I was hungry and just wanted to eat. I found a simple solution. Spray some detergent on the wall, take a sponge and a hairdryer with low air. The spots disappear immediately without having to do much work. © “Podslushano Lifehacks” / Vk
  • To get rid of the bad smell in a frying pan, pour in a bit of vinegar, heat up the pan, and let the vinegar evaporate. © nekohyuka / Twitter
  • My mom always used ratty old white T-shirts for cleaning, and it’s something I do now. I swear they work best for cleaning! And we just bleach them when we’re done. I hate using paper towels for cleaning. © ThatOneNi**leHair / Reddit
  • FYI, you can wash plastic shower curtains in the washer. It can be a bit tricky if your washer is on the small side (mine is older and tiny), but it can be done. I use hot water and some bleach and it comes out perfect. © Midnight_Flowers / Reddit
  • Coffee filters also work well on glass for a lint-free and streak-free shine. © tricaratops / Reddit
  • If there’s a zipper on the clothes you’re going to wash, zip it up to keep it functional. © alpha___scorpii / Twiiter
  • My 2 daughters, our 3 dogs, and I have this constant hair problem. Our hair gets stuck in the bathtub pipes but we’ve solved the issue: we buy a tube of depilation cream and it dissolves the hair. Works like magic. © ObedenniiPereriv / Pikabu
  • I think I broke the system. Girls often complain that their husbands’ socks are never paired. They always lose them. I simply took all of my husband’s socks and bought new ones. All the same. Identical brands, shapes, sizes, colors. 50 pairs. Now they all match. © “Podslushano” / Vk


  • If you want to cook perfectly shaped cheese pancakes, cover the dough with a narrow glass and start turning it. The pancake will be perfectly round.

  • If you’ve peeled too many potatoes, don’t throw them away: put them in the water to keep them fresher for longer. © jamespandaman / Twitter

  • If bread becomes stale, put it in the microwave oven with a glass of water next to it. Keep it there for 30 seconds and the bread will be soft. © grekov1ch / Twitter

  • If you want some crunchy toast, sprinkle it with water, just a bit, and then put it into the toaster. © pianeynonebuhau / Twitter

I called my husband and asked him to defrost the meat. I saw this when I came home. © MissIvanova / Pikabu

Beauty and health

  • Next time you leave a club or concert and your ears are ringing and you’re having trouble hearing quieter noises, cover your ears with your palms and your fingers wrapped around the back of your head. Then use your first and middle fingers on each hand to sort of flick the back of your head a bunch of times. The ringing should go away and your hearing will come back after a while. I have no idea why it works. © pappy_van_sprinkle / Reddit

  • Most beauty products need to be used within 6 months after you open them. Before, it was a real challenge to memorize which products I should throw away but then I decided to open new products right after the New Year. Since then, I’ve had no problems — I just throw stuff away around July. © “Podslushano” / Vk

  • When you do pullups, try to imagine yourself pulling your elbows down, not pulling your body up. It’s a mental trick that can make them feel easier because it forces you to use the muscles in your back more. © FloralBison / Reddit
  • I was told a secret: when you go to a salon and see a hairdresser with good hair and another one with bad hair, go to the latter. They often take care of each other’s hair, so if someone has good hair, you need their colleague. © “Podslushano Lifehacks” / Vk

Everyday life

  • Lately, when someone calls me with deals about credit cards, Internet services, and stuff like that, I always ask the caller to read the entire text of the contract. The callers are usually shocked and they never call me again. © WADS1 / Pikabu
  • Great life hack: when you go shopping, you should look as bad as possible. No makeup, no good hair — and a terrible mood. And if a piece of clothing makes you look better and feel great, you should buy it. © “Podslushano Lifehacks” / Vk
  • I really love reading but sometimes it’s hard to get over the first few chapters. So I always read 100 pages — it’s my rule and then it’s usually easy and even interesting. © “Podslushano Lifehacks” / Vk
  • If there’s a spot on a piece of paper where pens don’t write, it means there is some grease on the paper. Just rub this spot with an eraser and you will be able to write again. © “Podslushano Lifehacks” / Vk

We all have our own life hacks. For example, when you oversleep and come to work late, you should complain about the terrible traffic. What life hacks do you use that make your life much simpler?


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