20 Charming Famous Men Whose Handsomeness Was Dazzling in Their Youth

year ago

Celebrities are often known for following strict fitness regimes. From complex workouts to eating healthy, they do everything possible to keep their looks on point as they age. However, a few of them were simply gifted with astounding beauty right from a young age. So much so we could easily stare at their throwback photos for a long time.

Tom Hardy

Mark Ruffalo

Daniel Day-Lewis

Javier Bardem

Iain Glen

Bill Nighy

Gary Oldman

John Slattery

Dick Van Dyke

Tim Roth

Ted Danson

Simon Pegg

Richard Gere

Christopher Plummer

Michael Rooker

Casey Affleck

Kirk Douglas

Tom Welling

Richard Armitage

Daniel Craig

In your opinion, which of these celebrities was exceptionally handsome in their youth and which of them, conversely, became even more handsome over the years?

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