10 Celebrities Who Prove Age Is Just a Number

3 years ago

There are many ways that can help people look young, like yoga, meditation, a raw diet, and more. Still, some people manage to stay so young that Dorian Grey himself would envy them. Looking 25 at 70 years old sounds pretty incredible, right? But for some of the people in our article, this is very real.

We at Bright Side desperately need to know the secret of the celebrities from our compilation who seem to have curbed time and even managed to turn it back.

Vera Wang, 70 years old

The American fashion designer is going to turn 71 at the end of June but we bet you’d never guess that after looking at the photos above. And it’s not only her face but her physical condition that deserves a round of applause. Keep it up, Vera!

Iman, 64 years old

The Somali fashion model, actress, and wife of the late David Bowie, Iman, looks dashing at the age of 64. She’s also a successful businesswoman, loving mother, and simply beautiful woman who must get thousands of admiring looks a day.

Halle Berry, 53 years old

The Oscar-winning actress apparently possesses the recipe to the eternal youth elixir — all because she seems to be getting younger with age! Halle does a lot of physical training and her Instagram posts confirm this. Maybe this eternal youth elixir is all about getting regular exercise?

Courteney Cox, 56 years old

It’s been already 26 years since the world was introduced to the iconic Friends TV series. But one of the show’s main characters, Monica, played by Courteney Cox, still looks as fresh and young as she did 26 years ago.

Salma Hayek, 53 years old

Recently, Salma posted a photo of herself without makeup. The photo got almost 400,000 likes and a load of comments admiring her natural, young look. The actress looks at least 25 years younger than her real age and definitely deserves those compliments.

Jennifer Lopez, 50 years old

It’s hard to believe that “Jenny from the Block” has already turned 50. The singer and actress keeps up her good shape with the help of intensive training that gives her incredible results.

Yolanda Hadid, 56 years old

Being a mother to 3 children, Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, and Anwar Hadid, the former model stuns with her perfect physique. Looking at her, it becomes very clear who her charming daughters inherited their beauty from.

Heidi Klum, 47 years old

We do agree that Heidi looks gorgeous. Being a mother of 4, the former model charms with her grace and elegance the same way she did 20 years ago.

Cindy Crawford, 54 years old

Just like 20 years ago, Cindy continues to win the hearts of millions around the world. It seems the former model hasn’t changed a bit over years and looks even younger than before.

Christie Brinkley, 66 years old

The former American model, actress, and entrepreneur turned 66 this year but we bet you wouldn’t have been able to guess her real age if we hadn’t told you. Maybe her secret lies in that charming smile she always wears!

We still can’t believe Vera Wang is turning 71 soon — she really impressed us with the way she looks. How about you? Who impressed you the most in this article?


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I have just had a look at vera Wang and christy Brinkley. There are pictures of them without the airbrushing etc and they look a lot older. Vera Wang looks younger than 70 irl admittedly but I would still put her early 60s in the pictures I saw.


We’d all look that fabulous at their age if we had the money and free time to do so, too! ??‍♀️


Vera Wang is just insane..does she drink from a fountain of youth?


my grandma is 62 years old and her hair goes to her butt it is because in india (where I used to live) the is this homemade oil that you put into you hair and it moisturizes your hair and makes it grow longer and It really works! I tried it on me too! ?


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