9 Hot Facts About Chile That’ll Bewilder Most Foreigners

3 years ago

Many people associate Chile with the pepper of the same name and lofty mountains that occupy the wide territories of this country. Like any other people, the Chileans have cultural peculiarities that foreigners don’t easily understand. But some of their habits are so unusual that they might shock an unprepared traveler.

At Bright Side, we studied the stories of internet users who moved to Chile and found 11 unexpected peculiarities of this country.

1. Locals are cool about excess weight.

Curvy girls are favored in Chile. Many Chileans don’t care about a girl’s looks. Men are more interested in having a wife who can cook and take care of their house. However, in richer families where they can afford home help, girls are more inclined to take care of themselves. They go to the gym and beauty parlors.

2. Friday the 13th is just a regular day here.

No one is afraid of Friday the 13th here. Chileans also don’t avoid black cats and other bad signs. Tuesday the 13th is a different matter. On this day, locals expect different misfortunes.

3. Women do men’s work.

Chilean women can do any work that men can do, they know how to use a hammer and a drill. Local men would be surprised if a woman couldn’t do all these things.

4. The Chileans wear jackets and boots at home.

In contrast to what many might think, Chile doesn’t have year-round summer. In reality, the weather is quite cold here from June through August. This is why Chileans have to wear warm clothes at home.

5. Chileans might take a shower 3 times a day.

Chileans are very cognizant of their hygiene. Many of them have a toothbrush and toothpaste in the office. They brush their teeth after lunch as well as after every coffee break. Locals may even shower 3 times a day. But despite their love for cleanliness, it is customary for them to wear outdoor shoes inside the home.

6. The Chileans don’t really have dinner.

In general, we think of dinner as a substantial meal consisting of a hot dish, an appetizer, a drink, and sometimes a dessert. But in Chile, people don’t eat very much in the evening. A regular dinner here consists of a few small sandwiches with tea.

7. Many people wear warm clothes in hot weather.

When the temperature is higher than 86°F, we put on light dresses, shorts, and other revealing clothes. Chilean girls, on the other hand, will wear thick jeans, and that’s OK to them.

8. They don’t use duvet covers.

In warm weather, the Chileans sleep under a light sheet, of course. But in winter, they don’t use a special cover for their comforter. They just put their comforter on top of their sheets. They think it’s much easier this way.

9. The Chileans keep spare toilet paper in a special case.

In Chile, it isn’t customary to throw toilet paper into the toilet. There is a special bin for that. Besides, there is always a spare roll of toilet paper in the bathroom. And it’s usually kept in a special case.

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