13 Companies Who Don’t Just Try to Sell Their Goods but Really Care About Their Customers

2 years ago

It’s a nice feeling when you buy something and feel that you are cared for like, for example, when a manufacturer makes sure to put a measuring spoon into a package or when they print easy-to-understand instructions. Moreover, sometimes sellers can tell a nice joke to keep their clients pleased and loyal.

We at Bright Side are happy for the people who’ve encountered this kind of pleasant and soulful service, like the ones you’ll find in this compilation.

The top part of the body comes off. Whoever designed this packaging deserves all of the money.

Gauge indicating how your fragile package has been handled in shipping.

  • It seems like a great idea until the delivery guy starts flipping the box around trying to get the ball back to the top like a cereal box game. © ballshampoo / Reddit

“My protein powder scoop is designed to sit on a lip just under the lid... so you don’t have to reach into the powder to grab it.”

This pizza lets you remove the instructions so you can throw the packaging away.

“Had to buy a new mouse and this was the packaging. It had places to wedge your fingers in and was perforated. Took 10 seconds to open without scissors.”

The plastic packaging for this paint roller is a paint tray.

“Never seen Braille on packaging before.”

This packaging has a ruler so you can cut ingredients accordingly.

“My Amazon package has instructions for how to use the box as a crown.”

This printer’s packaging has handles to help you pull it out of the box.

“This desk I am building has the parts for each step individually packaged.”

“My ‘frikandel’ package has a ruler on it so you can see how long it is.”

So this cookie packaging is designed in a way that you can only open up this square, but half of the cookies are held back, in the back of the packaging.

  • Then the other half of your cookies are kept fresh if you don’t want to eat the whole pack in one go. © CapnRetro / Reddit

Have you ever come across examples of exceptional customer care? Which company has pleased you the most with their thoughtfulness?

Preview photo credit NParmesan323 / Reddit


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