19 People Who Weren’t Afraid to Change Their Appearance and Became Even More Beautiful

3 years ago

It is pretty common for people to have one complaint or another about their appearance. A factor that generates discomfort can be, for example, the size of someone’s nose, the shape of their teeth, or any other feature. And there is nothing wrong with changing these things to take your self-esteem to the next level.

We at Bright Side admire these 19 courageous people who weren’t afraid to modify something that bothered them and are now happier than ever with their new look. Come take a look with us!

1. “2.5 Months post-op — septorhinoplasty, chin implant, chin lipo”

2. This courageous woman shared the perfect results of her rhinoplasty, one-week post-op. Amazing results!

3. “Before and after: 2 years post-op for rhinoplasty and 2 months post-op for blepharoplasty and eyebrow lift”

4. “Before and after: 10 months post-op double jaw surgery and 1-month post-op rhinoplasty (same surgeon for both procedures)”

5. “2 weeks post-op septorhinoplasty!”

6. Follow-up 3 weeks post-rhinoplasty results. Thrilled with it already, even with a lot of swelling yet to go down over the next year.

7. “Update 10 days post-procedure — chin and jowl lipo! Really happy.”

8. “Said goodbye to my long nose 5 months ago. I thought I’d wait until 6 months post-op to post an update, but there probably won’t be a big difference by then.”

9. “61 days post-forehead reduction and brow lift. 100% worth it.”

10. “I had double jaw surgery and genioplasty a year and 8 months ago. My next goal is nostril reduction.”

11. “Before & (11 days) after blepharoplasty”

12. This girl decided to reduce her double chin and the result is amazing!

13. “12-day post-op Asian rhinoplasty and buccal fat removal (Toronto) asked for dramatic and couldn’t be happier.”

14. “Top & bottom gingivectomy! Photos 4 months apart”

15. “Before and after 2 ml of lip filler. Absolute game-changer.”

16. “7 weeks post-op septorhino. Didn’t realize how much swelling could fluctuate still!”

17. “Before/after chin & jaw liposuction. So happy!”

18. “Septorhinoplasty — 7 months post-op. Front and profile view + orthodontics”

19. “Before & after having double jaw surgery for an overbite, a 3 piece lefort 1, a genioplasty, and a septoplasty. Loving the results!”

Have you ever thought about doing something like this? In your opinion, which of these people changed the most? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

Preview photo credit therobotateme / Reddit


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man in the first pic is so cuuute 🤩🥰
was definitely worth the pain!


Most of girls who did rhinoplasty looked like queens. Why people does think that snub nose looks good?


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