22 People Who Got a Complete Makeover

2 years ago

Sometimes when we’re looking at our old photos we may see that we have changed so much we need to renew our IDs.

And that’s why Bright Side is proud to show you this compilation of people who had the courage to make a collage of their before and after photos. Enjoy!

1. “I laugh so hard every time I see my old pics!”

2. “First picture 19, second one 22, third one 23. Farewell to 4 years of depression and excess weight!”

3. “Still working on myself, but time and hygiene can do wonders! I was wearing makeup in the first pic, and not the second. (15/2012 — 24/2021)”

4. “Age 18 to 23 — I used to look up in photos to try to hide my substantial double chin.”

5. “19 to 23”

6. “(16-24) From emo, short hair, glasses, acne, braces, and baggy clothes to sunglasses, blonde hair, and makeup.”

7. “14-26 I’m becoming more comfortable with myself now, but I still have a lot of work left to do. Learning to love myself has been hard, but I like the person I’m becoming.”

8. “2010 (18) vs 2020 (28)”

9. “18 to 27”

10. “2019-2020 — Went through a bad year after a horrible failed toxic relationship (2014-2018) gained a bunch of weight then got it together finally.”

11. “17, followed by acne + Accutane by 18, but I made it to 27.”

12. “Always dreamed of owning a motorbike, made it happen 14 years later and had a glow up along the way. [14-28]”

13. "13-21, Puberty really hit me hard and shot me up to 6’8"?"

14. “15 years old to 26 years old. I used to cut my hair short so I looked like a guy and food was my warm blanket.”

15. “12 to 20!”

16. “Lost 100 lbs and now I model full time!”

17. “13 — 30, Thank god for braces and contact lenses.”

18. “Just puberty. 12 to 18”

19. “May 2019 to me just yesterday. Lost 65 lbs this year since February.”

20. “19 to 27 — 220 lbs down due to gradual and sustained change over a long time.”

21. “Age 17 on the left, age 34 on the right.”

22. “16-19 or how I learned to start shaving and escape the neckbeard”

Have you compared your before and after photos?

Preview photo credit Laterafterdinner / Reddit


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wow picture 18 looks like they could be swapped! She looks younger on the right!


Looks like puberty did wonders for some of these guys :D I'm happy for them!


I wasn't sure if I liked this guy modeling, but he has a really special look that's for sure!


I think all of these people looked great in both pics, number 13 was super cute to begin with:) loving number 9s new look tho! queen! x


wish i would get a good glowup like them. i mean im 17 and still look the same as i was when i was 12


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