How 15 Actresses With Unusual Appearances Would Look If They Followed Modern Beauty Trends

7 months ago

Beauty is a multifaceted and constantly-changing thing. The flow is the same as in the fashion world — while thin brows and impressive makeup were trendy yesterday, today, society appreciates a more natural look. This is clearly reflected in the film industry and with pop stars — while some try hard to look younger and follow fashion trends, others, on the contrary, adhere to a chosen style over many years and oftentimes end up being remembered by viewers even more.

It’s a known fact that we at Bright Side love to experiment, and today, we decided to find out what movie celebrities with unconventional appearances would look like if they decided to follow modern beauty standards.

Tilda Swinton

Charlotte Gainsbourg


Helena Bonham Carter

Shes not even that bad! there is no unusual appearance.

Amazing for 57


Rooney Mara

Kristen Stewart

Meryl Streep

Vanessa Paradis

Mayim Bialik

Maisie Williams

Natalie Dormer

Lily Cole

Irène Jacob

Julianne Nicholson

Cate Blanchett

Which of these celebrities look better in their new look, in your opinion?


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Modern trends ? I didn't see mega duck lips, too long false eyelashes and 1/2" foundation in there at all.


So if they are suddenly 20 years younger and photoshopped they'd follow the trend? Ridiculous Meryl Streep is 74 years old now and you've made an AI picture of her as what? 35 years Ridicolous 'article'.


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