18 Lies Almost Every One of Us Has Faced

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We all must have been in a situation when we had to pay for something more than we hoped. At first, we don’t like it but then we get used to it. And sometime later, this seems normal to us: Yes, airport food is more expensive, and stores only have standard-sized clothes, so what?

We at Bright Side have also been in such situations. This is why we made a compilation of pictures showing the number of lies we’re so used to that they seem perfectly normal and natural.

1. We accept that prices are constantly increasing.

2. We can’t walk standing up straight in water.

3. We’re used to the fact that our interests are tracked.

4. We believe that if we choose a job we like, we will always enjoy it.

5. We accept someone else’s conditions.

6. We’re almost at peace with stereotypes about the perfect body shape.

7. We spend money on celebrations nobody needs.

8. We try to impress others rather than enjoy our lives.

9. We pay too much for airport food.

10. We wait for sales to pay less.

11. We fall for marketing tricks every time and buy useless things in supermarkets.

12. We believe the “bio” stickers and buy things that are 2 times more expensive.

13. In order to feel trendy, we make clothing manufacturers rich.

14. We buy frozen food, hoping our lives will become easier.

15. We buy cheap devices that only use parts made by the same manufacturer, so we end up paying more.

16. We believe that car manufacturers will give us a full warranty.

17. We hope that people online are gurus that will teach us how to live.

18. We want to believe that discount prices are actually reduced prices.

Do you have any examples of the lies we see every day?

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Please note: This article was updated in July 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


funny thing, bio products probably cost cheaper than the "ordinary" ones...

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