20+ Eagle-Eyed Thrift Shoppers That We Can’t Help but Be a Little Jealous Of

3 years ago

An adrenaline rush, a rapidly-beating heart, and heavy breathing — no, these aren’t symptoms of a heart attack, it’s just how we feel when we land that perfect deal at a thrift store. Whether it’s perfect designer clothes, brand new furniture, or one-of-a-kind appliances, the feeling we get when we discover these hidden gems without having to pay a fortune is indescribable.

Since we love a good find here at Bright Side, we’ve selected the most precious things people bought at their local vintage stores. Maybe we’ll be just as lucky the next time we pop into one.

1. “Found the perfect mug today at my local Savers — only 89¢!”

2. “A Calvin Klein slim fit suit and John Varvatos shoes for $16!”

3. “My fiancé proposed by drawing a ring on my finger. We found the ring he drew in a random thrift shop 7 months later.”

4. “Just found this beauty at a yard sale for $20.”

5. “I never thought I’d see this in real life so, of course, I bought it for 50¢.”

6. “I had to have this blanket. It must’ve taken so much time to make! It’s incredible.”

7. “SCORE!!! 14 skeins of wool and alpaca mixed yarn for $5.99 at Savers. $5.99 for $97 worth of yarn!!!”

8. “Can’t believe I got the lot for $6!”

9. “Got an Eames-style chair for $40.”

10. “One extra-long skirt found for $3 = 1 regular length skirt + bonus homemade shorts!”

11. “I found a $350 bag for $10 in a charity shop!”

12. “Found this romper for $5! It’s comfortable for both staying home and going out.”

13. “Found this pendant labeled as costume jewelry for $3 — took it to a jeweler and they said it’s made from unmarked 18k gold.”

14. “Found this rug on the curbside. A little steam cleaning and she’s a total treat.”

15. “Perfectly working Pentax K1000, $25 at the local flea market!”

16. “Found this whole ensemble (including the shoes) for $18.”

17. “Found this beauty for $30.”

18. “Scored this cloud couch. It’s so cozy (faux lamb), like a giant sweater!”

19. “Found the perfect chair for my new reading nook and it was only $8!”

20. “Picked up these vintage Levi’s and in one of the pockets was a movie ticket for A Bug’s Life in 1998.”

21. “A great flea market find! I love Garfield and giant orange cats.”

22. “My daughter and me in our thrifted Levi’s T-shirts that were just $2 each.”

Which one of these findings made you gasp? Have you ever found something unique at your local thrift shop?

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i once bought a mug that said... don't look below this drawing...and when you look below the drawing.... it said..."you little rebel...I like you" ?..


Let's face it though, you should be truly LUCKY to find all those stuff at thrift, the only thing I find is junk :p


Some real steals! But I am never buying a second hand item again... had some real bad ones over the last couple of months


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