30 People Whose Fantasy Deserves a Better Use

4 years ago

The ability to handle everyday issues should be considered an art form rather than resourcefulness. There are many people in this world who should be awarded a prize for their creativity and wit.

Bright Side gathered some photos of people who have no problem figuring out how to put their imagination to good use.

30. "I snuck into a Volcom release party by wearing a grocery store receipt."

29. Broken patio slab? Nothing a bit of patience and some LEGO pieces can't fix.

28. We wonder if releasing the door quickly will result in a hit from Metallica?

27. "My mom found a way to keep up with the latest news while cooking."

26. Voila! And your hands are free for something more important.

25. A nightmare for any carjacker.

24. We'll just tell our guests that it's part of the custom design.

23. A boat with potato chips. This child is a genius.

22. As close to never-ending toilet paper as possible.

21. This is what happens when a child can't eat all of the grapes by himself, but he doesn't want to share with anyone else.

20. "My Mom won the cubicle decorating contest at work. Hers is on the left, but I think her neighbor deserved the win."

19. When engineers decide to go to the lake.

18. Who says we don't need no education?

17. When you're ready for card games, but your hands aren't quite there yet.

16. Turns out you don't need to be in a car to use a car phone holder.

15. "My Dad went to Vegas for 5 days and set up a camera in the house. That's not going to stop me."

14. A good way to keep the processor from overheating and your hands warm at the same time.

13. The master of waiting in airports. Level - God.

12. When a professional plumber goes fishing.

11. The key is self-confidence and resourcefulness.

10. When you don't have a car yet, but you've already told everyone about your new purchase.

9. "The lady at the pet shop gave my nephew a fake fish so he could hold a bag too. He was so excited!"

8. You can't put a price on clean clothes.

7. What's a little sausage smell on your new smartphone compared to the glory of capturing Instagram's photo of the day?

6. 8 new wheels or one marker? The choice is obvious.

5. When creativity and perfectionism merge into one.

4. "My brother said not to tell anyone, but he uses the same lemonade for all of the jars."

3. Hawaiian shirts are a thing of the past. Hawaiian turbans are the latest trend.

2. "My coworker decided he wanted a standing desk."

1. "My neighbor has this manatee mailbox he dresses up throughout the year and I’m kind of obsessed with it."

We're sure that you've come across such people before and you may even be one of them yourself! We look forward to reading your stories in the comments!

Preview photo credit MCmevin / reddit


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