20+ People Who Made an Ordinary Purchase but Ended Up Winning a Far Greater Prize

3 years ago

Nowadays, online shopping has become one of the most common habits among people since purchasing goods and services from the comfort of our own homes means saving time, travel, and money. It’s no exaggeration to say that, on occasion, customers purchase products that are not exactly the same as the ones they ordered. However, there are also cases in which people receive something else — something even better — in addition to their order.

At Bright Side, we love to find out what kinds of surprises could come with a simple online order, so here’s a rather curious compilation we think you’ll enjoy and will have you wondering if you’ll also get something nice next time you order a product online.

1. “Ordered something online and it came with a 55-year-old postage stamp.”

2. “The seller packed my Aliexpress order with heart-shaped bubble wrap.”

3. “My change today was in order by serial number.”

4. “I ordered a Jeff Goldblum and Harambe shower curtain but received an oversized tapestry instead.”

5. “I ordered new waterproof hiking shoes online and they shipped them with trail snacks packed in the shoebox!”

6. “I bought one order and ended up with 3!”

7. “My Uber Eats order had my name written super fancily!”

8. “This tiny container of Tic Tacs that came with my takeout order”

9. “I just ordered food while at the office and they sent toilet paper with it.”

10. “The company I ordered contacts from included a small pack of gummy bears with the order.”

11. “The way this restaurant stamped their name into the food I ordered”

12. “Ordered textbooks for this quarter and got an energy drink and discount codes for food!”

13. “This 18-year-old London train ticket in a 3-year-old used book I ordered”

14. “Just had ’McSocks’ in my McDonalds order!”

15. “The extra cup of salsa that came with my takeout order”

16. “Ordered 1 iPhone case, got 10 in the mail.”

17. “The chair I ordered came in a chair-shaped box.”

18. “Found a diamond at the bottom of a stroopwafel jar”

19. “Feeling extra fortunate after ordering Chinese food tonight”

20. “I got a free nail clipper with the pack of socks I ordered!”

21. “Found a pearl in my oyster.”

Have you ever received a package with an extra “free gift?” What was it and what did you do with it? What would you do if you bought one product and received several in the same shipment? Show us pictures and tell us your story in the comments!

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