15+ People Who Got Extremely Lucky While Thrifting

7 months ago

You can find almost anything in a thrift store or at a flea market, it can be a dress decorated with fur, a vintage pink coat, or even Victorian earrings. And sometimes, we can come across something really unique, like a 1910 lantern or a 1923 violin. We decided to put together photos of interesting things Internet users found while thrifting. And in the bonus section, you’ll hear a story of a woman who thought she found a scarf she’d dreamed about forever.

“The strangest thing I have ever found in a thrift store. Unmarked gold and woven human hair antique Victorian earrings.”

“It finally happened. I got a stained glass lamp.”

“I found hundreds of love letters between a sailor and his wife during 1918. They start out as a secret couple, then marry after a few months!”

“I found this heavy string of natural pearls in the costume jewelry section.”

“I picked up this antique violin from 1923 at an estate sale today.”

“I found this beauty this morning.”

A 1960s vintage pink coat decorated with fox fur

“Found my wedding dress this week at Goodwill for $80. Had $1500 tags on it.”

“I just went to an auction and picked up this 1910 lantern.”

“A handmade charm necklace out of vintage charms”

“I picked this up at the flea market this morning. It’s an 80% silver casting of a phonograph record player.”

“It’s most likely made in Europe in the early 1950s. Isn’t it cool?”

“One of my best antique finds of all time! A velvet Elvis!”

“I picked up this ring at an estate sale in a bag of random jewelry and just noticed a 14K stamp.”

“I found a sterling silver and turquoise bolo tie at a flea market.”

“I picked up this domed trunk at an estate sale. It appears to be tin wrapped and hand painted. There is also a photo inside.”

“My first thrift of 2023”

“I found this beauty at a thrift store. But the main thing, it works.”

“$20 Vera Wang wedding dress at the thrift store”

Thrifting is all about patience and luck, and we’ve got a crew who found some amazing gems in different stores.

Preview photo credit Chelseas777 / Reddit


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