16 People Who Truly Hit the Lucky Jackpot

10 months ago

From winning the most amazing prize to unearthing old photos taken with the biggest stars, there are many ways to win in life. These people have shared their big moments when they simply couldn’t believe their good luck, with a waiter even being tipped with gold. You really never know when it’s your lucky day, so keep your fingers crossed that it’s today.

1. “My $16 thrifted emerald and diamond 18k gold ring, worth $2,000”

2. “This is what it feels like to be 6 years old and hit the $1,000 ticket jackpot in the arcade.”

3. “Flying back from Florida...the pilot told us to look out the window at the satellite being launched into space.”

4. “I was having a pretty awful day till a random stranger drove by and gave me this.”

5. “Went viral on Twitter and sold over $1,100 worth of art prints in 24 hours.”

6. “My grandma is 106 today!”

7. “Anthony Bourdain stopped by my mom’s kitchen...”

“We tried to go to his book signing the night before but couldn’t. So he grabbed an envelope out of the trash and signed it for me.”

8. “Found Amethyst pieces in a new gravel driveway.”

9. “Entered the sweepstakes at work and hit the jackpot!!”

10. “This gummy bear monstrosity I just pulled out of a fresh bag”

11. “Cracked this triple yolker yesterday. Google reckons the odds are around 1 in 25 million.”

12. “I hit the watermelon jackpot.”

13. “I used to think things like this only happened in fairy tales. Jackpot, baby!”

14. “Amazon sent me 4 copies of The Aristocats. I ordered 0.”

15. This waiter just got tipped with gold.

16. “My sister and I met John Cena!”

Preview photo credit urmomspotaytoes / Reddit


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l'm 61 yrs old and Jealous of no: 17, meeting John Cena, even though l've met & jammed with Bo Diddley...


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