Internet Users Shared What Cool Things They Got for Pennies and We Are a Little Bit Jealous

2 years ago

Those who like to buy things from thrift stores have likely heard that truly cool things can be found there. It can be a huge penguin figurine or a stylish sofa, and they often all cost pennies. Some people even manage to get a golden ring with a diamond for the price of costume jewelry.

Of course, these lucky folks rush to boast about their profitable purchases. And when we at Bright Side saw the photos posted by them, we felt a little bit jealous that we don’t have these kinds of thrift stores in our neighborhood.

1. “I found these strange Guidi boots at a thrift store. Then I googled the brand... And bought them right away. Turns out, new ones cost $1,364.”

2. “I found the most ridiculous-looking planter for only $4.99 — I couldn’t resist! It’s now home to some lovely little succulents.”

3. “Paid £50 for the set of 6 dining chairs from (we think) the ’80s by the German firm Milewski.”

“They are surprisingly comfortable, the back and seat are a good shape. I suspect they came with cushions originally.”

4. “When a humble £2 vase hiding between dingy mugs turns out to be an original 1960 Holmegaard Per Lutken.”

“The same vase costs about $443 in online stores.”

5. “Got these rainbow converse all-star at a yard sale for $3.”

6. “King-sized, hand-stitched quilt, scored this thrift shop beauty for a measly $28.”

7. “Brass bookshelf! Cleaned it up and it’s SPARKLING! Bought it for $20 on FB marketplace.”

8. “Just scored this rattan swivel chair from my local thrift shop for $12.99. It’s in my car now and I’m pumped!”

“The same chair with different colors costs almost $84.”

9. “Found this tiny, East-German, travel-size alarm clock for 7 euros!”

“This tiny alarm clock was originally released in 1968 and has won awards for its design. It’s incredibly cute, but sadly the clock doesn’t work anymore. I’ve managed to get the buzzer working again, but the clock mechanism itself needs to be checked out by a professional.”

10. “Beautiful like-new J. Crew jacket for 7 dollars! One of my best finds ever.”

11. “I was surprised to find this KitchenAid toaster/air fryer/convection oven for $14.99.”

12. “I don’t know why I bought this... it just spoke to me. $1”

13. “Found an entire Kent Coffey Perspecta bedroom set and a Heywood Wakefield chair and ottoman for $400 on FB marketplace.”

“The guy was cleaning out his uncle’s house so he could sell it. I saw the chair and ottoman, asked if he was selling it. ‘You can have it for $100.’ I couldn’t throw money at him fast enough.”

14. “We got KitchenAid Pro Line for only $25. A new one costs about $650.”

15. “Got a giant wicker snail basket for $10 at a flea market. His name is Guillermo and I adore him already.”

16. “I saw this penguin in a thrift store, kept thinking about it the whole day, and bought it the next day for only $3.”

17. “Got this beautiful sofa for $5.”

18. Both the pic and the pillows were bought at a thrift store. They match each other perfectly.

19. “$19 Sorel Caribou Waterproof boots in my size! Looks like they were used maybe twice.”

“Yeah, I looked these up and they were around $170-$180 new.”

20. “I had to get it. So in love with this leaf necklace! All for $2!”

21. “I found this gorgeous, heavy Tiffany-style lamp at my local thrift store today.”

“It cost $119 before tax which is kind of steep, but every time I have come across a lamp like this it has cost way more than that. I have wanted a lamp like this forever so I am thrilled I came across it.”

22. “Do I have space? No, but I had to buy it. And I bought it for just 35 euro.”

23. “Marked as costume jewelry at the thrift shop. Vintage Gold Cluster ring with genuine diamonds. $5. FIVE!”

Have you ever been lucky enough to find cool and valuable things for just pennies? What were they?

Preview photo credit capybara_rodent / Reddit


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