15+ Times People Found Mysterious Things That Only Internet Detectives Could Help Solve

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It is human nature to pursue and analyze everything we come across, especially if it is an odd object. That’s why many people post the most mind-boggling things they come across, knowing that detectives behind their screens will always deliver. It is certainly true that not all heroes wear capes.

1. “Unusual white plastic kitchen utensil with a handle”

Answer: “Looks like it would be used to stir the contents in a blender. It inserts in the top to stir it.”

2. “No markings. Wooden handle that is surprisingly comfortable. The steel ball-like end is fixed and doesn’t roll or move.”

Answer: “It’s a leather shaping tool used in saddle-making. A friend of mine makes Western horse saddles, and his ’old’ tools look just like this.”

3. “Heavy glass ornament. At least 3 kg. One part is removable. 13 cm high. It’s transparent and red glass.”

Answer: “From the looks of the red part, it’s probably a fancy votive candleholder, and the top part is meant to snuff the candle out when you’re done.”

4. “2 pieces of hard chalk-like material (still scratchable with iron nail). 4 inches long and 1.4 inch wide, weight about 100 gr.”

Answer: “They look like bread or something.”

5. “What could this be? It’s made of wood and contains a wheel full of sharp spikes. I’m thinking a grinder, but what could it grind?”

Answer: “A cheese grater”

6. “A housewarming gift. It’s half wood, half marble, 2 semi-circle dips, mini spoon.”

Answer: “It’s a salt & pepper ’pinch pot.’”

7. “Carved piece purchased from an antique shop in Poland. What is it and what could it be carved out of?”

Answer: “Rib bone from a whale”

8. “Huge rusty old oven surrounded by clay pipe, in the middle of nowhere Northern Sweden.”

Answer: “Probably an old kiln

9. “Found this bag with liquid in my hotel room. Does anyone know what it is?”

Answer: “It absorbs moisture to keep clothes dry in storage.”

10. “Found at a beach house in Clearwater, FL. Numbered stake with a floater on top.”

Answer: “A bobber to mark the location of a crab or lobster trap”

11. “Found this at work today, left by the overnight employee. It’s solid all around. No openings at all. Hollow glass, gold trim on one end.”

Answer: “Glass syringe plunger. We have them at work.”

12. “Brass tool, generational mystery, 3-4 inches long, maybe related to sailing.”

Answer: “It’s an Ottoman scale/balance.”

13. “Brass plate from Australia”

Answer: “It’s a vintage brass 1930s pixie offering dish for rings, pins, coins, etc. You leave offerings for the little people, so they treat you nice.”

14. “Around 1 m high, made of glass, probably originated from a refinery or a power plant before the ’90s.”

15. “Round segmented object found at a beach in South Africa”

Answer: “Maybe some kind of washed-up anemone.”

16. “What is this object? Found in my grandparents’ house.”

Answer: “Looks like a gourd that’s been decorated, if it’s not a musical instrument (is it filled with beads?), it’s probably purely for decoration.”

17. “This wooden object was found in a company’s parking lot.”

Answer: “This is a ‘knuckle roller’ a fairly popular fidget toy in the EDC world.”

Which of the objects above did you recognize?

Preview photo credit Rathernotsay1234 / Reddit


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