Illustrator Shows the Funny Side of Cartoon Characters (Alert: It May Ruin Your Favorite Cartoon’s Image)

9 months ago

Ed Harrington’s career track looked like the makings of a great football player. But life took him elsewhere, for good. After achieving great milestones in his football career, Ed started creating illustrations which became instant hits. He preferred drawing at night time and some of his best illustrations depicted cartoon characters’ daily lives.

1. Superheroes need grooming too.

2. The struggle is real.

3. So much prepping for that crisp look!

4. Can’t waver, not even an inch

5. Sometimes I just love my powers. So handy!

6. Oh, how I wish!

7. And as I said, my gadgets come handy.

8. Do you even realize what it takes to get this look?

9. Sometimes life is just so hard.

10. And you thought I was spared from daily chores?

11. The worst kind of tan lines

12. What? You should learn to respect my privacy!

13. Why is there so much noise whenever I floss?

14. Ah! That’s my secret.

15. I would rather call it personal hygiene.

16. It’s not always fun to have super powers.

17. Do you have a solution for this?

18. When life is laughing at you:

19. You might call it a hobby.

20. Team work, there is!

The struggle is real indeed! Can you imagine what your other favorite cartoon characters must be going through on a daily basis? Share your imagination in the comments below.


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oh god ariel O_O i will never look at her and chewbacca the same


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