A Flight Attendant Makes Funny Comics About Her Work, Now We Wonder If It’s Really a Dream Job

4 years ago

Cartoonist Kelly Kincaid creates comics based on real situations from cabin crew life and her experience helps her stick to the truth because she is also a flight attendant. How many times were you wondering about the crew lifestyle while on a flight? How often do they fly? Do they really get to stay in each city? Or maybe you asked a flight attendant for a pen and never returned it... How do they look in normal life without a uniform?

Bright Side wants to share 23 awesome comics about cabin crew life that will have you flying out of your seat from laughter.

And all the anger of passengers for the delayed flight goes to... flight attendants!

How do they get rid of stress?

The personal lives of flight attendants are a secret for everyone. And for themselves too.

How guys react when they find out that you’re a flight attendant. Mode “Fantasies” on.

No time to explain, just give them all water.

Flight attendants hate reserve.

If for passengers a canceled flight is a tragedy, for flight attendants it is a dream come true.

There is always a confident tipsy passenger who tries to flirt with a flight attendant.

Who can’t wait for cleaning services onboard?

Some passengers can exaggerate.

Of course, all flight attendants know what place the plane is flying over. They all have GPS.

Everything looks different without a uniform.

It is also a part of the job to convince passengers that they won’t be late for their connecting flight.

There is no privacy onboard. And how to explain to a passenger that you are not a psychiatrist?

15 return flights monthly and you are already a child of the universe. There is no time and geolocation for flight attendants.

Some questions of passengers about crew life can seem very funny. No, super funny.

Probably every flight attendant feels irritated when passengers ask for water in the middle of boarding and you need to hurry up because time is limited.

Sometimes the best present for the holidays is just sleeping.

Some flights can be very tense.

When pilots act like flight attendants. Crew life is still something exciting.

How many pens were never returned by passengers?

Sometimes, it seems that you are still at work when you are at home.

If you need something, please don’t hesitate to press a call button. Ding! Ding! Ding!

Do you still think that being a flight attendant is a dream job?

Preview photo credit jetlaggedcomics / instagram


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