19 People Who Planned Their Wedding in the Most Special Way

2 years ago

A girl whose wedding bouquet consisted of doughnuts, a couple who spent only $12 for their wedding, and a woman who had a funny bride costume — all these are just a few examples of wedding scenarios where people didn’t follow any mainstream traditions and made their wedding truly special.

Here at Bright Side, we love it when people dare to break the rules in a positive way. We have found 19 couples who made their wedding day an unforgettable show. We’d love for you to meet them together with us.

1. This bride preferred to carry a donut wedding bouquet instead of a traditional one.

2. “My 6-year-old cousin was the DJ at his mom’s wedding the other night. I would say this majestic shot summed up his night.”

3. “We spent only $12 for our wedding, bought a thrift store dress.”

4. “I was skeptical when my husband wanted a petting zoo at our wedding.”

5. “My dad proposed to my mom for their 25th wedding anniversary.”

6. “The flower girl at last night’s wedding”

7. “Got married a month ago. Thought to myself...why jump when I can levitate?”

8. “Went to take some fun wedding pictures and ran into a guy with a Darth Vader mask. Asked if he had another mask and he didn’t disappoint.”

9. “My bouquet arrived today with a subtle reference that I’m pretty sure no one at the wedding will notice.”

10. “I had a wedding dress inspired by Firefly Path’s designs and the Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess.”

11. “At our wedding, one girl wanted to be in the middle of the pictures! I got upset, but my photographer fixed it later.”

12. “My cousin’s wife took a few photos at my wedding — all on my father’s side.”

13. “I did a pre-wedding photoshoot but the bride was busy, so we got the groomsman to fill in for her.”

14. “A friend of mine just married his Latina girlfriend and this was one of their wedding photos.”

15. “Inviting the Detroit neighborhood to join your wedding photo — priceless!”

16. “5 years before my wedding, a friend told my wife that he’d wear a pink dress to our wedding if we ever actually got married.”

17. “While taking wedding photos in the park, we were visited by a friendly family of trash pandas!”

18. “So, things got a little crazy at my friend’s wedding.”

19. “My parents on their wedding day”


To have the perfect wedding, at least, according to the magazine, I’d have to buy a load of crap, like unity candles, or pay a wedding planner to do it for me. And the gown. Ay carumba. I’ve owned cars that cost less than the gowns they were touting.

So I finally said, “Screw that, I am NOT hemorrhaging money for this.”

Got a nice gown for $700.
Got our rings for $400.
Got the wedding cake for $100.
Did the flowers myself.
Did my own hair and makeup.
The reception cost $1,500.
No bouquet toss, no garter. © Barrie Creedon Wennberg / Quora

What’s your ideal scenario of a wedding day? What’s something that you had or did at your wedding that was so special, it will be carved in your memory for ages?

Please note: This article was updated in July 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit acassidything / Reddit


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I Adore the idea of having a Petting Zoo at your wedding.
Also Raccoons are one of my favourite animals However, we don't have them here in Australia...*sigh*..lol


Those things are sure the weirdest but i never had so fun watching wedding photos.I was thinking of trying One 🤔🤔🤔


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