Internet Users Share the Most Ridiculous Rules Their Schools Enforced

2 years ago

School years are meant to leave behind some of the happiest memories from our childhood and in most cases, they do. However, sometimes, the rules that they set for school kids are so ridiculous that even after growing up those kids are still asking, “But why?”

We at Bright Side found a Reddit thread where puzzled grown-ups shared the rules their schools set that they still can’t quite understand.

  • My school had 3 staircases along a very long corridor. We were banned from using the middle staircase because it got overcrowded. The ban was lifted once they realized it only made the other 2 staircases just as crowded. © bignastty / Reddit
  • If you threw snowballs, you’d get a one-day suspension. The first long weekend after a snowfall everyone would throw snowballs to get an additional day added to the long weekend. © MrFake_Name / Reddit

  • If you said/did anything back to your bully it became a mutual conflict and wasn’t bullying, so if they started calling you bad words and making you feel bad every day and you called them stupid once or twice, the school probably wouldn’t help. Also, the dress code required school-branded hoodies... they were 50 dollars. If you wore a non-school hoodie you got an in-school suspension. © wowthatfood / Reddit
  • Toilet paper rationing. Apparently, the high school girls’ room was going through too much toilet paper so the dean, a woman, stood outside the door and distributed a few squares of 1-ply institutional toilet paper to us as we went in. If she noticed toilet paper on the floor, our ration got cut down. If we asked for more for...bigger jobs...we were told to save it for home. © s***spacehorse / Reddit
  • “No same-sex hugging... Really weird rule, apparently some kid got sick, and their parent blamed same-sex hugging.” © AngryKonchu / Reddit
  • I was sent to the principal in elementary school for getting a drink of water out of line (as in we walked down the hall in formation and we had designated water drinking stops). To this day I still remember the principal asking angrily, well what if everyone started getting water without permission...? And I still don’t have an answer. © FriendlyDetective367 / Reddit
  • I got in trouble in first grade for letting my crying classmate stand in front of me in line for the water fountain. I was the last person in line. © crimsonlasael / Reddit

  • Banned all backpacks/bags on campus. Students were expected to somehow carry everything they needed in their hands. This was especially challenging if you had an out-of-the-way locker placement. © nospamkhanman / Reddit
  • Went to school during the time when health and safety suddenly started going crazy, they introduced a “no contact under any circumstances” rule i.e no touching another person — we were like 6 or 7 years old. © BeverageBeast / Reddit
  • “If we didn’t see it happen, it didn’t happen.”
    All this did was train bullies to be really good at keeping their voices down and being aware of their surroundings so they could avoid doing bad things within a teacher’s line of sight. It meant if you were ever outside of a teacher’s vision range you were still fair game for heaps of abuse, and if you tried to report things that teachers didn’t see then the teachers treated you like you were making up nonsense. © Opulous / Reddit
  • We were not allowed to have facial hair at all, like to the point where the principal would walk around during lunch with razors and shaving cream and do “stubble checks.” Absolutely ridiculous, and he would send tons of us to the bathrooms to shave during lunch, no matter how small the stubble was. © Captainb***sreads / Reddit
  • My elementary school had those super long tables with little stools attached. Whenever a class got in trouble for being too loud during lunch, the punishment was that we had to sit at every other seat. Even at like 7 years old I was like, “Won’t we just have to talk louder to hear each other if we’re farther away?” © CumulativeHazard / Reddit
  • The elementary school principal banned talking at lunch. If you were caught talking or even signing to someone, you had to go sit by yourself on a folding chair with no table. © passatcar / Reddit

What weird rules did your school enforce you to do or not do?

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Please note: This article was updated in August 2021 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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yeah and what would happen if everyone started getting water without permission?... are they making robot out of children? weird people


after reading those you don't know whether to cry or to laugh, what are those


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